Step 13: Eat, Drink and Be Happy.... Again

Don't tell me you actually need directions to cook steamed rice.... you're in deep crap my friend...
Have some more beer and celebrate yet another thiumph
It's very <a href="http://to-gdn.ru/" rel="nofollow">good</a>
Cheese-stuffed meatballs. I can feel my arteries clog allready ;D Looks omnomnomable!<br />
Mmm, tasty. I should have to try this at some point! L
wake up and smell the chipotle!! damn bro, I'm hungry.... how long would it take for a package to arrive all the way here?? I mean, you could send me a couple of those meatballs, some indio beer and in return I could be eternally grateful... by the way... you have to show some origami...
looks nom :3

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Bio: Orthopedic surgeron, specializing in sports injuries in Mexico. Love to cook. Black belt in Karate and kenpo.
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