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Award Winning Pie Recipes gives you full step-by-step instructions for 40 amazing recipes for all types of pie. Learn how to make fresh raspberry pie, poached pear pie, frozen pumpkin pie, classic pie crust, and more! All projects come from Instructables.com, are written by home-baking experts, and contain pictures for each step so you can easily do it yourself.
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Sarah James
Editor, Food & Living

Pumpkin Pie style
Pumpkin pie is the king of Thanksgiving and Christmas desserts, and this recipe will easily get even your most over-stuffed guests thinking about a second slice. This pie is adapted from a Cook's Ill...
Fresh Raspberry Pie style
Fresh raspberries are arguably the best part of summer. Here's a great pie recipe that also works with blackberries, black raspberries, or other similar fruits.
Chocolate Pie style
When you think of chocolate pie, you're thinking of this pie - decadent, luxurious, fudgey chocolate filling baked into a light and flaky crust, topped with homemade whipped cream and chocolate shavin...
quick and easy pecan pie style
Pecan pie is one of my most favorite desserts - this instructable will show you how to do it right! I do NOT approve of these faux pecan pies I see everywhere with only a thin layer of pecans hovering...
Poached Pear Pie style
A delicious, easy recipe for a downright classy dessert.
Homemade Strawberry Rhubarb pie style
This is a from scratch strawberry rhubarb Pie, crust and all. It is very good and fairly easy to make. Please vote for me in the pie and book contests! Thank you!
Apple Pie Recipe style
This Thanksgiving, enrich your life with the best tasting and easiest to make apple pie recipe on the internet. After all, nothing is quite as American as apple pie except, perhaps, Thanksgiving (a la...
Cute Mini Pies: Apple and Cherry style
MMMMMM..... Fresh pie. Who doesn't enjoy homemade pie! Especially when they are right out of the oven. My goal for this Instructable was to make a small, 1-2 person pie. This was an experiment...
Perfect Peach Pie style
Remember Mom's (or Grandma's) delicious, mouthwatering, scrumptious pies. Read up and Linuxmom will teach you a delicious homemade summer pie recipe to satiate you tastebuds. Chock full of peaches, i...
{Collegiate Meals} Stovetop Apple Pie style
Have not an oven? No need to fret! Here's a no bake pie that doesn't require pudding and has all the baked in flavor and smell of a traditionally baked pie!Also involved in this pie that oozes awesome...
Blueberry And Apricot Pie In A Skillet!! style
Making a pie in a skillet is an easy alternative to a pie pan. It always looks great, and everyone loves it! This pie has blueberries, apricots, black apricots and doughnut nectarines. Browned butte...
Free Form Fruit Pie style
What could be easier? Why mess with pie pans and rolling pins. OK... you will need to roll it out once. Here I will document how I made 2 free form pies, or as I recently found out are called galette...
Frozen Pumpkin Pie style
Tired of making the same old pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving holiday? Why not try this frozen no-bake variation? This recipe is quick and easy. Just whip it up the day before your party and pop it in...
Multiberry Pie style
A multiberry pie with an easy-to-make homemade crust. This pie is can be made with any combination of berries; the one shown has blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. The recipe is for a 9-inch...
Mom's Blueberry Crumb Pie style
When it comes to baking, my mother doesn't mess around. And one of the things she bakes best is blueberry pie. Unfortunately, she only bakes it once or twice a year because she refuses to make it when...
BEST Pecan Pie EVER, period. style
A pretty modified (ie perfected) version of an old standby favorite in my family.
Double Cherry Pie style
In this Instructable you will learn how to make one of the best award winning pies around. This pie is truly one of our favorites, you just have to have some! It takes just 20 minutes to prepare, and ...
Banana Chocolate Pudding Pie style
Nobody here can figure out how Mi Tierra--the new supermarket just a short walk from the office--stays in business given their ridiculously low prices. But we don't argue; rather, we just started buyi...
Mile High Chocolate Cream Pie style
This is a super easy, and almost healthy, really really yummy chocolate cream pie.I make it for x-mas every year, and lately I have to make at least 3 for there to be any leftovers. It is a huge hit!I...
French Silk Pie style
This is a home made French silk pie. For this pie you will need... Either a pre made pie shell or a home made shell pre baked. (I will include instructions on how to make the home made shell, it is e...
Mint Oreo Chocolate Pudding Pie style
While I do most of my baking from scratch, there are a few processed baked goods that I succumb to. One of those is mint Oreos. I've always loved mint chocolate chip ice cream, and when I was little...
Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie style
I like to keep the cheesecake and the pumpkin separated while most recipes call for them to be mixed together. That's boring! There are so many things you can do! Let me show you how to make a delicio...
The Ultimate Banoffee Pie style
I adore Banoffee Pie. Being American, I'd never had it until I met my British husband. It's his all time favourite, so I thought I'd try to make it. Over the years I've tweaked the recipe. It's a...
Sweet Potato Pie style
Each year at Instructables we have a holiday cook-off, where everyone makes a traditional holiday dish and we compete to see whose is the best and which recipe will climb the pageview ranks.  I needed...
Wonderful Banana Split Ice Cream Pie style
First let me say, this recipe is a delicious medley of all your favorite sundae flavors. This recipe reminds me of a kindergarten art project - it's really really fun, really easy, sorta messy, and ...
Pasticciotto Leccese (Custard Pie) style
This pie is called Pasticciotto and is typical from my little town in the South of Italy. You wont be able to find it anywhere else! It is basically a soft pie filled with custard. I just love it! Yo...
LIFE BY CHOCOLATE - LOWFAT CHOCOLATE BROWNIE PIE made with XOCAI  healthy dark chocolate, that is actually GOOD for you! style
Xocai chocolate nuggets enrich this brownie pie with no added sugar, just fructose granules and applesauce instead of sugar and butter. The chocolate nuggets in this recipe are nutricious, loaded wi...
Delectable Smores Pie!!!!! style
Smores are so messy! But this pie alternative is delicious and great for kids ( and for those adults who just plain love the classic campfire snack )!
No-Brainer Pecan Pie style
Mix, pour, bake. That's all there is to this pie. I make it every year for Christmas and Thanksgiving and I've never had it not turn out, because there's literally nowhere to go wrong. The only thing...
Easy as PIE - Fruit pie style
Here's an easy and fresh way to make a fruit pie. A great pie starts with a good flaky crust. When I have time, I make it from scratch. There are plenty recipes out there, but if you don't have the ...
Key Lime Pie on a Stick style
Key lime pie is delicious, it is, in fact, my favorite kind of pie.  There is a slight problem with key lime pie, however.  It is not very practical to eat on the run.  Luckily, clever salesmen at the...
Banana Cool Whip Pie style
If you like bananas, cool whip and girl scout cookies you'll love this pie. I had fun creating it!
Peach Melbe Galette style
A galette is the French name for a rustic tart. It is the same as a pie, but sounds FANCY! For a galette, you only need to fold excess dough over the top instead of trimming around the edges. It is...
Black and Blue Peacharoo Pie style
Let's face it, everybody loves pie. As pie-lovers, we've decided to create what we call the Black and Blue Peacharoo Pie, possibly the most delicious thing ever to be placed on this earth. Be careful ...
Old Fashioned Pumpkin Chiffon Pie style
To be honest, I have never been a pumpkin pie fan, I always thought it was the worst part of Thanksgiving. I have finally come up with a pumpkin pie that I find absolutely HELLA delicious! I have bee...
5-Minute Pie style
You read that right! Get ready to eat some pie, 'cause it's only five minutes away. This super easy fried pie recipe utilizes premade ingredients to ensure you never have to wait for a piece of your ...
A Quick Pie Crust style
When you want pie, you want pie. My Grandmother's no-chill pie dough is a quick pie crust recipe which yields delicious results FAST. I got home late and needed to whip together a quick meal for a ...
Vegan Pumpkin Pie style
I've been looking for a tofu-free vegan pumpkin pie recipe, and when I came across this one by Bryanna Clark Grogan on www.vegsource.com, I knew I had to give it a try! One thing she mentions is tha...
Easy Pie Crust style
This fool-proof, easy pie crust recipe ensures a perfect, flaky crust every time. The trick is in the vodka! Being only 80-proof, most of the vodka evaporates in the baking process, meaning the crust...