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Introduction: Awasome Airsoft Gunz

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look at these gunz ive gotten to shoot them all i <3 airsoft gunz



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    1: learn your grammar better 2: a shotgun doesn't need a scope 3: milleh sounds noob 4: it's gunS

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    really ? you are correcting him on his grammar and then you have improper grammar yourself

    and it was spelling not grammar

    That was two years ago, and I know I didn't had the best grammar either back then. Since then, my grammar has improved, while still not being close to perfect. But at least it's better than the spelling / grammar / whatever shown in this ible.

    But yeah, no reason to revive a two year old comment.

    They're made by Crosman. They're ok, they cost an average of $40. I wouldn't recommend them if you are a really serious airsofter, however.

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    H&K guns are the best you can get

    speaking of that i just bought a new $120 H&K gun!

    it is when it only shoots one bb

    32x zoom is sufficient(lol)

    my new H&K gun is way better

    OMG IM SO JELLEH OF THOSE GUNZ(sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm)

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    hehe... sarcasm

    i think the second one is a blowback kalashnikov ak47 i have an all black one like it

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    I think you mean the third one, that is an ak-47

    oh yeah thanks actually i have the kalash 60th anniversary one with the folding stock

    Jah, ak's are cool. I don''t have one, I have 3 springers (umarex 90-two, ASG M14 socom and double eagle mp40, I get an gold arrow M4 super 90 with my birthday) I only have springers, cause airsoft is illegal in the netherlands

    neverlands thats awesome my family is swedish but i've never been there

    The first pic is an HK mp5(I think, looks a lot like it) and is a piece of junk. The second is a Remington TAC 1 shotgun and is pretty good for begginers and recreational users. The third pic I have no idea... And the forth pic is the crosman stinger s32p and is very similar to the TAC 1.