Do you want cheap, easy, green jewelry that you can make in about 30 seconds? Look no further!

I've been making soda tab bracelets for a while now, (link on last step) and I figured that it takes a while to save up enough colored tabs to make a whole bracelet- why not just make the bracelet with lanyard, and then make a pair of earrings to match with two colored (or regular) tabs?

These earrings go well with anything, and they make a great present your friends will love! 

Step 1: Materials

All you need to make a pair of these awesome earrings is....

Needle nose pliers
Two soda can tabs (opt.- colored tabs from energy drinks)
Two earring hooks
Very nice. I am following you now. I also put it on face book. My niece will love these.
You don't find sharp edges to be a problem?
omg i love it! i bought a ton of those earring hooks but have no clue how to use them, now i can yay.
Awesome instructctable! You have nice pretty eyes!<br>
Thanks, but when in the ible do you ever see my eyes?
on your main image<br>
oh, ty! I'm the one on the right btw. and I suck at taking oics of myself thats why I'm not rly looking straight into the camera...
These are cool! I subscribed!
yay :D thanks!
These are really cute!
Thanks! I hope you enjoy:)

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