Introduction: Awesome April Fools Prank.... (Buzzer Chair)

Picture of Awesome April Fools Prank.... (Buzzer Chair)

This is the Prank that will make you famous or the most hated..... Either way you will be known..... Follow these simple steps to booby trap one of your friends Chairs.....

Watch the Instructional video by clicking on the link below..... Its a must watch!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

Step 1: Materials!!!!

Picture of Materials!!!!
For this prank you will need the following Items.....
  • Victim's Chair
  • Buzzer
  • Battery Holder W/ Batteries
  • Wire
  • 4 Ring Terminals

Additional items....(not as important)

Soldering Iron

Watch The Video

Step 2: Remove!!!!

Picture of Remove!!!!
  • Begin by removing the back rest from the chair, also if theres any plastic padding you might want to remove that as well, you basically wanna strip the chair to the bone....(Jk) but seriously take off as much as you can....

Step 3: Attach!!!!!

Picture of Attach!!!!!
  • Next, you need to attach the Ring Terminals to your wires, You will 4 wires (it helps if they're different colors) They should be about 2 feet each.... (or depending on the size of the chair)
(use tape)
*Place the 2 + Wires and 2- wires Apart, so when the back rest bends, the wires Connect Causing the Buzzer To go Off.....

Step 4: Connect!!!!

Picture of Connect!!!!
  • Run the wires Down....
  • Solder 2 to the buzzer and 2 to the Battery Holder....
*Tape the Buzzer Under the Arm Rest
*Tape The Battery Holder Below The Chair

(don't forget to leave the switch on)

Step 5: Set Up (Complete) Prank Time!!!!!!

Picture of Set Up (Complete) Prank Time!!!!!!
  • Finally just put everything back together..... The plastic Padding will help they wires.....
  • If you Play it Cool You can really Scare the Crap out of anyone.....

*Chairs Vary, so results might not be the same, but you get the idea..... now go out there and Prank someone......

Check out the Instructional video, by clicking on the link below.... It will show you how it works....


wibrle (author)2009-03-17

Great prank. I might try that on April 1st :)

gagfilms (author)2009-03-17


ChappyShowcase (author)2009-03-17

Great idea!

ventsi (author)2009-03-17


greeenpro (author)2009-03-17

Good instructions! Great prank!

HesterMcLester (author)2009-03-17


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