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Introduction: Awesome April Fools Pranks!

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Hey guys, today I'll show you how to get someone good for April fools day. I will show you multiple pranks ranging from plastic wrap to air horns. Also if you liked my Instructable please vote for me in the April fools contest! Also please note that I'm not at all responsible for the funny crap you do that could get someone seriously hurt and/or dead and possibly hurt you too. So with that said please enjoy.

Step 1: Saran Wrap Pranks

DOOR PRANKS: okay so you can get some cling wrap and tape a patch over a door frame in a dark place in your house so when your sleepy parents or siblings/roommates wake up and walk through the door they get cling wrap in there face. CAR PRANKS: if you have this one teacher that could take a joke and wouldn't get you suspended wrap their car in plastic wrap there are multiple way to do this. You can wrap it around a light pole or if their is unlocked open the driver and passenger door and wrap around from floor to roof about 5 times the shut the doors and wrap 5 more times. Or if you have a lot of wrap do their whole car. OFICE PRANKS: okay so you got that really annoying co worker Whose cubicle is right beside you. You could stay late one night or you could get in very early and wrap their whole cubicle with wrap. PLUMING PRANKS: this can get somewhat nasty so this will be all on you. You can lift the lid on your toilet and put a sheet of wrap on it and put the seat down so when the go to use the bathroom they will either get pee everywhere or crap all over themselves. You can go for the cleaner way and wrap a rubber band around the sprayer on a sink and when someone turns the sink on they get sprayed with water.

Step 2: More Pranks

AIR HORN PRANKS: get an air horn and tape it to a wall where a door will touch when opened. When they walk in through the closed door if they do it right it will push the trigger on the horn and get the crap scared out of them. Or just stand behind the door and when they walk through make the horn go off. OTHER DOOR PRANKS: get solo cups and duct tape and tape the door shut and put a bunch of cups stacked on each other to make a bunch of noise when they open the door . ONE CUBICLE PRANK: get some police tape ( I don't know how) but if you got some tape a silhouette of a body like shown in the picture. Well guys thanks so much for reading my Instructable and I hope I gave you some good ideas and have a great April fools and remember please vote for me in the April fools contest.



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    post some more.


    i really like the one were you put the ceramic wrap around the sink and the toilet and the toilet tube so clever.

    thank you for the idea

    haha these are awesome! And really original!I(sarcasm)