Picture of Awesome Blanket Fort!
This is a decked out simple blanket fort. What you'll need: 1. 2 Large Blankets 2: Lighting Lamps and or Christmas lights 3: Computer, tv or Ipad [for watching tv] 4: A Cooler 5: carpet of some kind or large blanket 6: Portable fan 7: Pillow 8: 4 foot pole 9: a heart ready to build an epic fort 

Step 1: 4 Corners

Picture of 4 Corners
get 4 corners to put your large blanket on then pin the blanket to the corners in some way.
LexyConroy1 year ago
omigosh this looks like those magical forts kids make in movies and such :D love the Christmas lights btw.
bigpurple (author)  LexyConroy1 year ago
Thanks for the feed back! =D
bigpurple (author) 2 years ago
I did =)
TheDoctor112 years ago
Add this to the fort contest