Picture of Awesome & Cheap Cyborg Costume
Cyborg 2.JPG
Have you ever wanted to be a cyborg?  Well, that technology is still a long time away, but using some current and older technology, you can at least dress like one!

The plan for this costume is for a home movie my brothers and I are making.  It is a sequel to one of our previous works.  This character actually died in the earlier work I mentioned, but we decided to bring him back as a cyborg.

I got lucky with my supplies, because the company I work for was recently updating their computers, so I inherited an old computer system along with several old components, like outdated modems, keyboards, etc.

The materials and construction were both pretty cheap and easy.  I've been stockpiling broken computer stuff, radios, and anything else electronic I could get my hands on.  So, since I didn't pay for most of the parts, this project only really cost me about $20.

The materials for this project are:
Various computer parts
Hot Glue
Spray Paint
A few of those zip ties

That's about it really.  I have one step dedicated to each body part to show some more detail on what I did to make all this work.  This instructable is designed to make things easy to understand.  I did not do this project in any easily followed order, so I had to organize my methods after I was finished.
007dna4 years ago
Why does this not have more views? This is epic. Nice job.
skittlespider (author)  007dna4 years ago
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I have thought this was one of my under the radar instructables for a while now. I'm glad someone else agrees.
albhednomad4 years ago
This is really well done and very creative. Also, I'd like to thank you. After seeing how you did the design for your arm gun, I think I just solved a problem I had finishing the miniature one for my costume.
skittlespider (author)  albhednomad4 years ago
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I'm glad I was of some help too.