Step 10: Staining and Finishing

Staining and Finishing are up to you completely, but with all the time and effort at this point I feel it was only necessary to make it look it's best!


I chose to find a stain that would match the Cigar Box color as close  as possible. It took me two coats.
Just follow the instructions on whatever stain you choose.

*Note: Staining will expand the wood. This will help tighten down any wobbly Frets.


I ALWAYS recommend to finish any untreated wood!
The simplest and cheapest way to finish wood is to water down some Wood Glue and brush it on with a foam brush.
I wanted to emulate the Cigar Box that I chose so I went with a Glossy Polyurethane. It took three coats

*Note: As you can see, for a little style, I carefully peeled the inside label from the Cigar box lid and glued it down to the Headstock and finished over it (image4). Also, No need to tape over your frets when Finishing, we'll level off the frets later and remove any build-up.

With Polyurethane I take some car Buffing Compound and rub it into the Neck for a slick and smooth playing surface (optional).
I can't wait to make this! Could you tell me what song you're playing in the demo?
Wow! It's beautiful! <br>Is that the sound without electricity?
Thanks! Yeah that video was shot without the use of a amplifier.
Very nice job! I like your approach, and the result sounds beautiful. Gotta love the double courses!
Thank You! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It really is one of my favorite dulcimers to play
It sounds much better than I thought - great build and fantastic instructions too!

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