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    :S would have loved to see it but alas it's not showing anything but comments

    Just went out and cranked over (by hand to circulate the oil) the Norton and the Triumph! I get goose bumps just seeing the gas tanks! Love those bikes! Wish I could ride every day! But ice, snow and cold freezing weather puts a damper on that!

    I left a comment for the Triumph clock because its ace ...but i would like to leave another comment or two.....the Norton clock is the cat's pyjamas me old ship mate ... probably the best looking bit of bike jewellery to hang on your wall ..cool rating ...10 out of ten... secondly the photo of the two STUNNING Triumphs should be blown up and framed ..if you dont want to do than then i would love to get hold of a copy of that photo and hang it up on my wall because it ooooozes georgousness and makes me want to run out and buy one right now !

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    I see you just popped of the top of the Lorry! Thank you for the supporting comments! Cheers mate!

    Brilliant Idea, looks ace because of course its set into real Triumph steel ..plus...it has an element of cyborg about it ..so if you happen to be a Brit bike fiend with a love of Sci -Fi films you could well be in danger of soiling your britches. ...cool rating of 10 out of 10.

    That's cool beans! You are a true "tea bag" fan......don't hate :)

    Way cool! This is really great on several levels. The clock you found matches the vintage style of the 'cycle and the leatherwork is very professional and enhances the design. It looks like a planned detail rather than a forced fix. I am not a big motorcycle fan (not a slam, just different interests), so it has to be truly fabulous to get a "way cool" and my vote.

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    Thank you for your support! I enjoy hearing from those who have good taste and appreciate my creativeness . I have so many interests in my head that I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and write down some crazy idea, so I won't forget it in the morning. Again, I thank you! Seek Peace, Triumphman.

    Glad to see that you found a clock to fit the hole so no mods to the side cover were needed. Spare parts hangin' on the wall!

    First of all I love the clock. you should look into the Antique Motorcycle Club of America (AMCA) I belong to the Maumee Vally chapter and I grew up going to swap meets and helping my dad track down parts for bikes he did restorations on. The AMCA has a lot of people who are great resources for finding and restoring antique bikes.

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    Thanks for the info. Both my bikes are complete and running. I have plenty of spares right now. The 1967 Triumph was completely restored when I bought it. The seller did a frame-up restoration. Its like it came out of a dealer' s showroom! All new rubber, cables, seat, etc...Only thing is, he went crazy with black powder coating of all parts, including the chrome headlight, chrome fenders, etc. So I replaced the black headlight shell with a chrome one, and stripped the fenders down to the chrome. He had so much paint on them. It took days to get it off with gel paint stripper. But now it is like a mirror. Nice!
    The Norton Commando is original, I even have the ships bill of lading when it came over from the U.K. Of course I have changed the tires and battery since then.
    Unfortunetaly, I don't ride as much as I used to. Some contributing factors: Near accidents (people on cell phones), tailgating morons, and deer population has grown to dangerous proportions. Many riding friends have been hit by deer!
    Cheers, mate!