This is my first Instructable and it is showing you how to make a very simple, yet effective, hidden storage compartment for your valuable items.

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Materials

For this you will need:
1) A drive sled. This may be hard to find depending on your circumstance. I was able to borrow one from my dad's work but we had to return it and not everyone has access to these
2) A valuable item. For demonstration purposes I used a 20 dollar bill. It still is valuable!
3) A computer that has an open drive slot or a drive that you are willing to remove. My computer wouldn't hold the drive sled so I had to use an old computer my family is getting rid of soon.
4) (not in picture) Screwdriver. This will most likely be necessary for removing the drive if there is one and hooking the drive sled in. It may also be used to open your computer.
But wouldn't robbers probably want to take the whole computer?
That's true but it a lot harder to walk away with an entire computer than just a stack of cash. Also if it's an unused computer that is obviously old, there is less of a chance it will get stolen.

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