â–’.::*,Awesome Design (Microsoft Paint),*::.â–’

Picture of â–’.::*,Awesome Design (Microsoft Paint),*::.â–’
I will show you how to make an awesome design using Microsoft paint, or just a pencil and paper!!

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Step 1: How to start

Picture of How to start
This is how you start:
Just a rectangle/square

Step 2: Getting the cool part started

Picture of Getting the cool part started
Pattern part 3.JPG
Pattern part 4.JPG
Pattern part 5.JPG
So this is how you start the awesome inside stuff.
1. Go off slight slant upwards.
2. After you hit the side, go up another slight slant to the top
3. Bring another line down a slight slant to the left side
4. After you h it that side, hit the line you started with

Step 3: Continuing

Picture of Continuing
Pattern part 7.JPG
Pattern part 8.JPG
Pic #1- If you keep continuing the pattern, you'll get something like this.

Pic #2- Eventually when you get a little bit farther, the middle will "close in".

Pic #3- Finished image (I guess I could have done a few more of that pattern)

Step 4: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
Now that you have made your pattern, go show some friends and teach them how to make it. This is my first Instructable so tell me how you think!

P.S. If you color it in patterns of some sort,it looks amazing!
I would have shown you a pic, but my Microsoft Paint was acting like it was a picture that Got off of google or something, WHICH I DID NOT.
heres mine and a halloween monster...
Flumpkins (author)  Zaphod Beeblebrox5 years ago
lolz nice
xilefakamot5 years ago
This is mine:
Flumpkins (author)  xilefakamot5 years ago
... wow
Flumpkins (author)  xilefakamot5 years ago
That one is insane. If I could feature examples, that one would be featured.
stale565 years ago
Do you like this one? I call it... Stairs...
Flumpkins (author)  stale565 years ago
Yours is the best one I have seen yet xD
Thanks, it got boring when I was coloring it, because I had to use the Fill button, and I had to fill in the really little squares...
I'm glad you like it =D
Flumpkins (author)  stale565 years ago
Yeh, yours are very precise and small. Mine are big and bulky. But I only did that so that everyone would understand it
neulanen5 years ago
I also tried :D
Flumpkins (author)  neulanen5 years ago
Can I see it?
Here it is. Quite late 80's, huh? ;)
Flumpkins (author)  neulanen5 years ago
I don't know.... but yours is amazing!
iSmack5 years ago
Here's mine :D
Flumpkins (author)  iSmack5 years ago
And it's on a gradient background!
Yuppers! Thanks to your other instructable ;)
iSmack iSmack5 years ago
Hey, I'm gonna make a cool icon like yours... Any ideas?
Flumpkins (author)  iSmack5 years ago
Yes. Use the curved line tool. Used 2 lines to make some kind of crescent. Mess around with the flipping around. And be sure to used shift+click.
iSmack iSmack5 years ago
New logo woot :D
Flumpkins (author)  iSmack5 years ago
idogampd526 years ago
thanks for doing this! i made one but it didnt really turn out the same lol
Flumpkins (author)  idogampd526 years ago
Sweet, are you gonna add more coller into the triangles?
yeah here
cool poc.png
Flumpkins (author)  idogampd526 years ago
maybe im gonna make a new one and fill in the spaces =)
golics6 years ago
Really cool. And I must say its not so easy :)
Flumpkins (author)  golics6 years ago
You no what, I never got to say, thanks!
Sunny1246136 years ago
My brother can draw this design well, sorta.. Anyways 5 stars!!!
Flumpkins (author)  Sunny1246136 years ago
bigfootduck6 years ago
how come whenever i try to upload a picture from paint, it says there r no files to upload? it used to work. i'm doing everything the same. It just doesn't work. please help me!
Flumpkins (author)  bigfootduck6 years ago
Try hitting the button that closes the internet, and log back onto Instructables. That always halps me : 7 )
dude!!! I love it so much i made it just now and is really easy to make~ looks great
Flumpkins (author)  littlegandhi11996 years ago
Thanks! By the way, everyone pleae do not froget to rate this!!!
thejrb6 years ago
Cool time waster. +1
Flumpkins (author)  thejrb6 years ago
Thanx :)