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Introduction: Awesome Easy Paper Sword

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This is my first instructable and it is a paper sword. This is a simple modular design and the results are amazing. I hope you like it. :D

Step 1: The Modular Units

Here are the units. They are easy to make and are the only piece you have to make for the whole project.

Step 2: Making the Units

These units can be made with any size paper but I am using large paper for visual purposes.
The larger the paper the larger the sword and the smaller the paper the smaller the sword.

1.Fold the paper by taking the bottom right corner and folding all the way over to the edge

2. Fold the point at the bottom up to the top left corner

3.fold the right top corner over to meet the other half

4. Fold the unit in half

5. Using the thick side turn the triangle upside down and fold over repeat 2x

6. Then fold extra piece into the pocket

You now have a modular unit make 5 for the hilt and make however many more you want for the blade

Step 3: Assembling the Hilt

This step is fairly easy and requires little skill. You will need 5 modular units and glue.

1. For the hilt fold the point sticking out if the unit down into the pocket. I will call this unit the "Main Unit".

2. Next pick out two units and put some glue into the pocket of the units.

3. Then stick a unit in the pocket of the two units with glue. Let them dry.

4. Next insert one of the glued units into the "Main unit" then insert the other glued unit into the back of the unit on the "Main unit".

You are now finished with the hilt.

Step 4: Assembling the Blade and Attaching It to the Hilt

This is how to make the blade it is very simple.

1. Make your modules for the blade the more you have the longer the blade. I have 60.

2. To make the blade just insert the modules into the back of each other alternating which side the point faces* see how simple it is.

3. And finally to attach it to the hilt all you do is insert it into the back of the hilt

4. Enjoy your sword.

*you can also insert all the modules on one side for a samurai effect. As seen in the last pic to the right.



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    What are the dimensions of the paper you used?

    It is heavy and feels like a real sword if you use big sheets of paper

    Yes and if you use glue it won't break

    Haha that's great and regular Elmer's glue would work fine but small drops of hot glue would work best if u spread it out in the pockets of the modular units

    I made an instructable on a sheath for this sword, I hope thats okay, but I told them your name and that it was your sword. Please check it out and make sure I'm not stealing any of your ideas or anything like that.

    what glue did you use? I can't decide whether to use hot glue or something else.

    Only if u glue all the pieces but it might because if is really thick and pretty heavy

    This is cool, does is stay together enough to play sword fight?

    Good idea! I might use this as part of a future project.

    I haven't pulled out the old knex in quite a while but I did after I followed you

    Thanks I love your work to