Introduction: Awesome Eggless Pancakes

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This is an A-W-E-S-O-M-E pancake recipe and Eggless too. So I hope you love this recipe too like me and my family.

Step 1: What Y'all Need

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A bowl (for mixing)
A whisk
A spatula
A measuring cup
A teaspoon and tablespoon
And a Griddle (or something to cook on)

Step 2: Ingredients

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I cup flour
I tea sugar
I/4 tea cinnamon
2 tea baking powder
I cup milk
I Tbs olive oil
I Tbs water
I tea vinilla
2 Tbs butter

And butter or Pam just something to keep the pancakes from sticking

(P.S you might have to make double batch because there so good!)

Step 3: Lets Get Cooking!

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So first mix the flour, sugar,cinnamon and baking powder together in the blow with the whisk. Then mix the wet ingredients witch are the milk, olive oil or vegetable oil, water, vanilla and melted butter mix together then you have your pancake batter! Tada! Just cook the pancakes and y'all are finished! I hope you enjoy the pancakes!


indywave (author)2013-11-24

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