I will show you how to make gradients like the ones on my forums. I also got permission from DRADIS for extending his Instructable so please do thank him too.

P.S. Please rate and vote for the book contest. Thanks a million!

Step 1: Size

Make the size 100 (Width) by 500 (Height) Pixels.

Step 2: Colors!!!! W00t W00t

1. Fill it up with the color of your choice. Right click on a second color
2. Use the free-form select tool to scribble all over.
3. Right click and hit cut. This background will be different then the picture you will soon see because I accidently saved the wrong picture so I had to redo it.
4. Select the polygon tool and make sure the plain color box is highlighted, make a bunch of lines and click on where you started.

Step 3: Alllmost Done!!!

1. Hit Ctrl + W. Make width 1.
2. Hit Ctrl + W. Make Width 500. Repeat 3 more times...
and the result??? Click the next step...

Step 4: Finished!!!

The result: Thanks for checking this out and C'ya later!!!
This is a really effective technique, thank you for sharing it.
Here's mine. I have no idea how I did it like this though...<br /> <br />
5/5 :D
Thanks! And is you icon the gradient?
Why yes it is :D Sorry I didn't reply earlier. I wasn't on the computer for awhile. :P
Don't feel bad. Once I replied to a comment.... about 3 months late
Lol. Well see ya around. Oh, and, great instructable! :D
Gracias, Adios!
This is way cooler than mine!
Thank you. Do you think I made "easy-to-follow" Insructions?
It's pretty easy to follow. The main value is the idea itself, there's obviously a lot of variation in how it can be implemented. I know I'll try doing this, but it'll probably be using my own method. Thanks for the idea.
Wait a minute... your name is shooby.. what is your real first name??
Justin, why
Because my name is justin and my PS3 name is Jshooby...
First name that came to mind. My cousin calls dogs "de shoobies", no idea why. Caught on I guess.
I know that this was a month ago but I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!!! This is sooooo weird. I'm nearly choking right now! :D Jk
Hah fair enough. The cousin is Dutch by the way, hence the 'de'.
Cool! I forget, is Dutch German?
Nope! Dutch is Dutch, spoken in Holland (netherlands) German is German, spoken in Germany. They look really similar on paper, but grammatically are very different.
Oooohhh.... I see. Cool. Have YOU been to Holland?
Yep, a couple of times. I'm half Dutch.
im dutch
Me too
not really=[<br/>
ja of nee kerel, zeg het maar
Oh. Okay. <br/><br/><h2> Cool</h2>
and why do you go by the name "shooby"?
Yeah, I even did it without reading all the instructions. I just followed the pictures!
very nice This is one of my favorites and I give it 5 stars!!
awesome. also 5 stars
yeah I really needed to put this as my desktop background
Arey you gonna use the example or are you gonna make one?
I am going to save it but I think I am going to try and make one if, I cant is is OK if I use it as a background it is OK if not
Please repeat that... and try to use better grammar PLEASE
oh sorry, um.. I have a different desktop, but I saved your awesome gradient. I will try and make one too.
That's fine
really good work for MSPaint
ugh worst color combination.
Well that's your opinion

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