Introduction: Awesome Gradients

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I will show you how to make gradients like the ones on my forums. I also got permission from DRADIS for extending his Instructable so please do thank him too.

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Step 1: Size

Picture of Size

Make the size 100 (Width) by 500 (Height) Pixels.

Step 2: Colors!!!! W00t W00t

Picture of Colors!!!! W00t W00t

1. Fill it up with the color of your choice. Right click on a second color
2. Use the free-form select tool to scribble all over.
3. Right click and hit cut. This background will be different then the picture you will soon see because I accidently saved the wrong picture so I had to redo it.
4. Select the polygon tool and make sure the plain color box is highlighted, make a bunch of lines and click on where you started.

Step 3: Alllmost Done!!!

Picture of Alllmost Done!!!

1. Hit Ctrl + W. Make width 1.
2. Hit Ctrl + W. Make Width 500. Repeat 3 more times...
and the result??? Click the next step...

Step 4: Finished!!!

Picture of Finished!!!

The result: Thanks for checking this out and C'ya later!!!


Dream Dragon (author)2011-01-27

This is a really effective technique, thank you for sharing it.

lolcat360 (author)2010-05-25

Here's mine. I have no idea how I did it like this though...

iSmack (author)2009-02-22

5/5 :D

Flumpkins (author)iSmack2009-02-22

Thanks! And is you icon the gradient?

iSmack (author)Flumpkins2009-02-28

Why yes it is :D Sorry I didn't reply earlier. I wasn't on the computer for awhile. :P

Flumpkins (author)iSmack2009-02-28

Don't feel bad. Once I replied to a comment.... about 3 months late

iSmack (author)Flumpkins2009-02-28

Lol. Well see ya around. Oh, and, great instructable! :D

Flumpkins (author)iSmack2009-02-28

Gracias, Adios!

DRADIS (author)2008-06-25

This is way cooler than mine!

Flumpkins (author)DRADIS2008-06-26

Thank you. Do you think I made "easy-to-follow" Insructions?

shooby (author)Flumpkins2008-06-26

It's pretty easy to follow. The main value is the idea itself, there's obviously a lot of variation in how it can be implemented. I know I'll try doing this, but it'll probably be using my own method. Thanks for the idea.

Flumpkins (author)shooby2008-06-26

Wait a minute... your name is shooby.. what is your real first name??

shooby (author)Flumpkins2008-06-26

Justin, why

Flumpkins (author)shooby2008-06-26

Because my name is justin and my PS3 name is Jshooby...

shooby (author)Flumpkins2008-06-26

First name that came to mind. My cousin calls dogs "de shoobies", no idea why. Caught on I guess.

Flumpkins (author)shooby2008-07-24

I know that this was a month ago but I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!!! This is sooooo weird. I'm nearly choking right now! :D Jk

shooby (author)Flumpkins2008-07-30

Hah fair enough. The cousin is Dutch by the way, hence the 'de'.

Flumpkins (author)shooby2008-07-31

Cool! I forget, is Dutch German?

shooby (author)Flumpkins2008-07-31

Nope! Dutch is Dutch, spoken in Holland (netherlands) German is German, spoken in Germany. They look really similar on paper, but grammatically are very different.

Flumpkins (author)shooby2008-07-31

Oooohhh.... I see. Cool. Have YOU been to Holland?

shooby (author)Flumpkins2008-08-02

Yep, a couple of times. I'm half Dutch.

dudeguy92man (author)shooby2008-12-12

im dutch

shooby (author)dudeguy92man2008-12-12

Me too

dudeguy92man (author)shooby2008-12-12

not really=[

shooby (author)dudeguy92man2008-12-12

ja of nee kerel, zeg het maar

Flumpkins (author)shooby2008-06-27

Oh. Okay.


Flumpkins (author)shooby2008-06-26

and why do you go by the name "shooby"?

DRADIS (author)Flumpkins2008-06-26

Yeah, I even did it without reading all the instructions. I just followed the pictures!

Sunny124613 (author)2008-07-18

very nice This is one of my favorites and I give it 5 stars!!

dudeguy92man (author)Sunny1246132008-12-12

awesome. also 5 stars

Flumpkins (author)Sunny1246132008-07-18


Sunny124613 (author)Flumpkins2008-07-18

yeah I really needed to put this as my desktop background

Flumpkins (author)Sunny1246132008-07-18

Arey you gonna use the example or are you gonna make one?

Sunny124613 (author)Flumpkins2008-07-19

I am going to save it but I think I am going to try and make one if, I cant is is OK if I use it as a background it is OK if not

Flumpkins (author)Sunny1246132008-07-19

Please repeat that... and try to use better grammar PLEASE

Sunny124613 (author)Flumpkins2008-07-19

oh sorry, um.. I have a different desktop, but I saved your awesome gradient. I will try and make one too.

Flumpkins (author)Sunny1246132008-07-19

That's fine

godmode (author)2008-06-30

really good work for MSPaint

Flumpkins (author)godmode2008-06-30


damntourists (author)2008-06-26

ugh worst color combination.

Flumpkins (author)damntourists2008-06-26

Well that's your opinion

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