Awesome Homemade Knife!





Introduction: Awesome Homemade Knife!

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Today I will teach you how to make a knife!

Materials needed:
Flat piece of steel
Piece of wood

Angle grinder
Drill press
Air sander
Belt sander
Knife sharpener

Step 1: The Blade

First we drew a sketch of the blade then we used an air powered grinder to cut or the blade from our steel.

Step 2: Sanding and Polishing

This part is fun! But hard... You have to make the blade even on both side so one is not completely sanded down while the other is flat. After you sand it and polish it sharpen it!

Step 3: The Handle

First my partner made a sketch of the handle then cut it out. After cutting it he sanded out all imperfections and formed the details!

Step 4: Attaching the Blade! (last Step)

First we drilled holes in the base of the blade so glue can seep in then we put a little gorilla glue added water and repeated that several times the put in the blade. We let it sit over night and sanded off excess glue!!!



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    4 Discussions

    Wow sounds pretty cool send us a pic of it here

    Thanks guys! And we plan on staining the handle a darker color!

    Solsmac I must say your knives are getting better and better I am impressed!

    Nice job but true working on the handle a little bit more, trie making a whole new handle or staining and sanding down the one there now to make it look and feel better , nice job though!