Introduction: Awesome Ketchup Prank!!!

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The object of this prank is that when the victim sits down to go #2 he/she gets ketchup all over the back of their legs

  --ketchup packet(2)
  --sewing pin

Step 1: Fold

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Fold each ketchup packet in half. (I used taco bell hot sauce packets for the demonstration just because we didn't have any ketchup. But use ketchup).

Step 2: Poke

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Use the sewing needle to poke a small hole in the center of each packet

Step 3: Place

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Put each packet under the little knobs on the underside of the seat facing forward.

Step 4: Wait

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put the seat down and when the victim uses the bathroom, he/she will get ketchup all over the back of their legs!  (this has been tried and proven to work) this is my first instructable so please forgive me if it is not very good.


tulinablessingabraham (author)2012-01-30

Oh, it's really funny and i'm so gonna try it! haha...=D

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