Introduction: Awesome Knex Bow

this is my first 'ible, so plz give me some helpful tips and pointers. this bow shoots about 30 ft and has a storage thing in the handle. i am not responsible for any pain or injuries caused by your stupidness and/or this bow unless i influenced you from within 200 ft. it hurts A LOT, so don't shoot anybody, toy or animal.

Step 1: The Handle

this is probably the hardest part, but it is still pretty easy.

pic 1: these are the pieces you will need.

pic 2: this is the beginning of the handle

pic 3: another view

pic 4: make this

Step 2: The Arrow

This is the step where you make the arrow.

Step 3: The Step Were It All Comes Together

like the title said, this is were it all comes together.

sorry for the bad pictures, I'll try to explain as best i can.

pic 1: this is were you add the rubber band

pic 2: the finished bow

pic 3: the arrow


~KGB~ made it! (author)2011-08-22

Doesnt look too strong.

super knex builder made it! (author)super knex builder2011-08-22

it's stronger than it looks

~KGB~ made it! (author)~KGB~2011-08-22


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Bio: Curiosity killed the cat... Good thing we aren't cats.
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