Awesome Knex Booby Trap!!!





Introduction: Awesome Knex Booby Trap!!!

This is a booby trap. i hid it and connected it to my wardrobe door and left the door open and when my dad came in to close it, it triggered the trap and hit him. so awesome trap and it really works. Better versions on the way so subscribe. 

Step 1: The Body

Pic 1 : build this
Pic 2 : build this
Pic 3 : build this and add the parts from pic 1&2
Pic 4 : add the wheel 

Step 2: The Gun

Pic 1 : build this
Pic 2 : build this
Pic 3 : build this
Pic 4 : build this
Pic 5 : build this
Pic 6 : put all the pieces together to make this

Step 3: The Finished Product

Connect the 2 pieces together and you have the finished model now all you have to do is set it up.



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    So it is a wired block trigger ?

    yes its the block trigger off a gatling gun

    That is even worse, he didn't even make his own block trigger?

    im pritty sure this cant get any better... no mater what u try doing to it

    kool! i made somthin similar last week...