I am putting this in a computer mod I am making.

Yeah, It's not finished, the panels aren't actually glued down and I don't have a circuit for it yet, but I thought I'd let you guys preview its awesomeness.

Hmm, I just realized I glued the red LED on the wrong side on the top.
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Shazil_11 year ago

I made it!
But it does not look good in a pc case.

Cost me around $150

Shazil_12 years ago
I have alot of questions.
How thick is that Plexiglas?
What is that blurry thing you put on the surface? What is it called?
and When are the instructions going to come out. Because i cant wait> :)
frozenzeepy2 years ago
Hey, have you completed it yet im really interested in getting a copy of the image could you post it up so can copy it

H20Lighter3 years ago
When are you going to come out with the instructions to make this?
haji1104 years ago
very nice :))
acidbass4 years ago
would this be for a laptop?
Shamrock636 years ago
have you thought of using a tricolor led? not the ones that go through a loop, but the actual 3 annode and 1 cathode leds? it sure would save a little space, though it would mean more programming/switches =/
no more programming than this would take, just connect the anode leads from each individual LED to the corresponding color anode leads on the tricolor LED and the cathode is common between them, all you'd need to do is figure out appropriate resistor values.

in my diagrams i have dimmers (rheostats) for each individual color and a master dimmer, determine appropriate values for each and you have two leds done, same would work with more, but i got tired of paint.
tricolor LED double single led.bmptricolor LED double led.bmp
Can you give me a bit more info on this as I love the project but sounds like this might improve on it. My electronic expert score is -2/10, so go easy. If you have an URL to show that would be great. THX
could you power this by a usb port instead of batteries?
Indeed you could, but then there would be a cord running out of it. So it would be less portable, but wouldn't run out of charge.
perhaps rechargeable batteries via USB?
how do you make it?
itsachen5 years ago
The last picture in the slideshow looks like theres some piece of paper on the plexiglass. Is it to add to the effect?
I believe he used it to defuse the light more evenly.
tinkerman925 years ago
 very creative way to adapt the led cube to a pc case
JakeNikolas7 years ago
I would like to see someone make one where the light travels. maybe all starting in the center and traveling to the edges.
You'd probably need a lot of LEDs, and some kind of processing unit to switch them on and off at the same time. It is possible though
or the right set up with a couple of capacitors. that way the capacitors have to "fill" with electricity before they will light up. it produces a flashing system. only problem is that they require more power, leds, and space.
Like an Arduino or PICAXE microcontroller? or something?
you could maybe mount a spiral shaped cutout on a well geared motor and as this revolved it would have that kind of effect. This would be more suited to square panel and the corners would be a bit problematic.
Mmm I guess. I think it would depend on whether you wanted a specific lighting pattern or a more random lighting scheme. I suppose your idea would look good with different coloured or RGB LEDs.
Or maybe if u place a mirroring on the edges and spin a couple of led it reflects back into the plastic?
if it fails you'll get a good effect anyway
yeah true
I'm not sure. You can try, I guess. I myself have not been able to try this, as I don't have the resources or the time.
OnyxxStone6 years ago
i swear to god this dude or female is so freakin awesome
u mean dudette
_Scratch_6 years ago
could you possibly use a thin EL wire to light it?
I wonder if this could be used on a xbox, does the usb on it give any power?
its usually the red wire that gives of power and the black is usually the ground (green and yellow transfer data)
yes all USB based connections will give out 5v
squirrelMLM6 years ago
*cries* Thats...so...friggin...awesome
Very Tron. Very awesome. Looking forward to seeing your completed instructable.
hapman96 years ago
How much is a very bright LED (cheapest if possible) and where can I get em`
you no you could do some cutting and pasting with the wires in side the computer if you really wanted to its not hard at all
blckthng6 years ago
Im truly in love with this.....
Dakwa6 years ago
This may sound stupid but are you using diffused LEDs or are those just normal and the camera is making them look weird? (Side note I was going build one of these but use an old bike tire to wrap around the edges to hide wiring and to make it slip free.) (Another side note its also going to be USB powered and have 3 switches for Red Green and Blue)
N1CK4ND06 years ago
I got a green LED of newegg for like 3 bucks, really bright, I'm going to engrave a little alien on my case and shine this LED on it so it gives it a glowing effect.
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