This was a Lego Indy costume my very talented lady slapped together with cardboard, tape, paint, foam, hot glue, a cement tube form, and paper mache for Halloween. If you have any questions about how it was made, ask below and I'll try to answer them as best I can. :)

How did you make the head and hat
Id love how to know how you have done the legs. They look so good!<br>And the detailing for the shirt is amazing!
The legs are actually pretty simple. They're made of corrugated cardboard, so to get the round shape, you just bend along the corrugation. The one thing I didn't think of until he tried on the legs is that you need to line the inside/outer edge of the legs with something to keep them from flopping around. I used leftover pieces of insulating foam board.
That is&nbsp;<em><strong>Awesome!&nbsp;</strong></em> :D
That is so cute!

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