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First off I'm going to tell you how to make a Lego instrument... It's simple and fun with building blocks. It is great because it is unlimited to what you can do with fabulous ideas.

Step 1:

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I'm going to start with a Lego base and place some bricks down

Step 2:

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A tower like structure is perfect for putting a rubber band on

Step 3:

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The rubber band is on and plucking it produces a sound

Step 4:

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More bands and Lego equals more tones and pitches

Step 5:

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It doesn't matter what thickness it is as long as it can go around the Lego

Step 6:

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So many possibilities

Step 7:

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Take a long piece with holes in it (doesnt matter how long)

Step 8:

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Add Axel and wheels

Step 9:

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Add foot rest (finger rest) and handlebars

Step 10:

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So if someone asks... Just say its a finger Segway

Step 11:


Cool instruments!

spicyfry (author)2014-07-03

I would like to put this in a building blocks context but i cant

Should be entered now :)

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