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Hi everyone! This is my first instructable so I might make a few mistakes. I'm currently wishing to win the Improve Your Room Youth Design Project ! Please vote for me and I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Wall 1

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This is the first wall of the room. As you can see there is a very modern suspended bed with an electronic headboard. Also, there is two functional dressers.

Step 2: Wall 2

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This is the second wall of the room. There is a modern desk and suspended shelf. On it are books and the 3d printer I would love to have.

Step 3: Wall 3

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Here is the third wall of the room. There is the entrance, a couch, and a very modern tv.

Step 4: Wall 4

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This is the last wall of the room. There is a large functional shelf that can store nearly anything. I put some 3d printed items on, such as the instructable robot. Also, there are two very modern fish tanks.


Manny Juarez (author)2013-12-16

Cheers for doing some hand drawing! Your ideas are creative but you need to work on your drawing skills (like shooting free throws). Keep practicing and never lose the ability to describe what you are thinking through sketching.

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