This recipe was born from the merger of awesome ideas. I was with a friend, eating a brownie, when he said: You know? This brownie would be better if it had oreos in it. After agreeing, I answered: But do you know what's even better than oreos? Nutella.

So we decided to make the greatest brownie ever. I don't know if we succeed, but there's no doubt we got fairly close.

Step 1: Ingredients


For an 8 inches square cake pan:

-A packet of oreos (around 20 oreos should be enough).
-2 eggs.
-125gr (4 oz) of nutella.
-200gr (1 cup) of sugar.
-140gr (5 oz)  of butter.
-125gr (4 oz) of flour.
-25gr (1 oz) of cocoa powder.
-A pinch of salt.
-1 teaspoon of vanilla favor.
-Dark chocolate chunks.

<p>Everyone LOVED it!!</p>
best thing ever!! I love this
Sounds so good I am going to make it tomorrow I think I might try it with choclate cream cheese icing my dad will looooove this ( he is in love with Nutella )
Sounds sooooo good!!
I'm making this with my boyfriend tomorrow xD Looks delicious. But we are gonna grind the oreos up so we don't choke ! Thanks for the recipe :D
As a suggestion for next time, put a box of oreos into a blender, and then sprinkle a layer of oreo crumbles onto the cake, make it a little more even, and every bite has oreo goodness :)
Well, actually, every bite has oreos! There are regulary set oreos on the inside! The ones on the upper layer are there mostly for decoration (but they're also delicious xD).
Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! What more could you want :)

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