Omelets are awesome!

Take your eggs. Crack, pour, add spices and whip until thoroughly mixed.
Now turn on the stove, get your pan, apply release agent to the bottom(PAM, butter, oil, etc).
Wait until the pan has almost reached waters "Leidenfrost point" You can test it by dropping water in the pan, if it beads an rolls around, its a bit too hot, because your egg will burn and taste funny even if you scrape the burn away.

Step 1: Omelet Making 101

Omelet making 101:
(Note: make sure there's no egg residue stuck to the bottom of the pan, it'll screw it all up.)

1) Apply release agent(PAM spray here in the states) to your pan and turn the burner on Hi(don't overheat)
2) While you're heating the pan, crack the eggs, add your secret egg spice blend, mix well
3) When the pan is hot enough(not too hot though) pour your eggs in the pan, they should sizzle and steam right away, also you should see the bottom layer begin to turn white almost right away. (if your pan isn't hot enough, it'll be more tricky to make the eggs)
4) When its cooked almost to the top, add your cheese and whatever else
5) Fold the omelet! And be deft about it, if you've greased your pan, it should be a breeze.
6) Hold the folded omelet in place, don't press hard, you don't want burnt egg, right?
7) Once its solidly folded, flip it over, and repeat a few times.
8) Fun Part!!! Now you have just a bit until its done, pour a liberal amount of vinegar in.
9) Flip it in the vinegar once or twice.
10) Wait until the vinegar has boiled off then serve!

On the same subject. If you add vinegar while your eggs are still uncooked, you're in for a surprise! If you add vinegar before you cook it, It wont stay together, It'll crumble AND hold more water while cooking (it needs a little encouragement to fail apart, like a vigorous shaking in a sealed container. This would be good for something like egg fried rice, or something that needs little chunks of egg in it (There is no detectable trace of vinegar if you do it that way)

Yummy breakfast!
(P.S. sorry for the bad pics, there's not a whole lot of light in the kitchen to work with.)
Butnt to a crispy; anyone can do that? <br>MRS. CHILD DIDN'T?
Looks like a map of the U.S but yummier!!! Why the vinegar?
It adds oomph to the flavor.

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