Introduction: Awesome Coconut Owl Led Necklace

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In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make a owl necklace with glowing eyes. It's easy to make, you just need some patience. It has two 5mm leds that look awesome in low light environment. It's an awesome gift that you can do in a weekend.

Step 1: Materials

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Materials that you need:
- A cocout 
- wooden strips
-cooper wire
-3v battery
- 2 5mm leds
- 2 silver rings
-necklace chain

Step 2: Tools

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-hot glue gun
- varied tools

Step 3: How to Make the Coconut Pieces

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Take a piece of the shell that is bigger than the size you want your final product to be. 

Step 4: Sand the Coconut.

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-Using coarse sand paper, sand until all the hair is removed from the shell.
-do the same on the inside

Step 5: More Sanding

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-take a medium- fine grit sandpaper and sand the front until it's smooth.

Step 6: Cuting

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-Draw or trace any shape you want onto the back of the shell.
- Then you have to cut it using a dremel or any other cutting tool.

Step 7: Make Your Design

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Design how you want it to be.

Step 8: Cutting the Pieces

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Mark where you want to cut the pieces.
Then cut the pieces following the marks, I used a dremel but you can use any other cutting tool.
Remember to use safety glasses 

Step 9: Head

Picture of Head

Drill two holes on the head coconut piece and glue the leds.
Then add the silver rings on top of the leds.
I used the hot glue gun.

Then add the golden mesh on the back.

Bend the shorter legs of the leds first, then place the negative pole of the battery on top, then bend the other led legs so that the battery is secured.

Step 10:

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Add the remaing coconut pieces of the body.
You can attach the with copper wire or hot glue.

For the medium piece I used hot glue and for the bottom I drilled holes of the piece and attached them with cooper wire.

For the log  I used a wood stick and the legs I gave three turns on the stick and then hot glued all to the body.

Step 11: Paint

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I used white Paint to simulate feathers.

Step 12: Done

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I added a necklace chain, and now it's ready to wear.


Very Interesting (author)2013-07-11

Very cute!

Picturerazzi (author)2013-07-10

Really cool!!! I love how smooth you were able to get the coconut.

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