Awesome Paintball Squeegee





Introduction: Awesome Paintball Squeegee

Instead of buying a squeegee you could make on for free or very little. (First instructable, please comment)

Step 1: Supplies

Gather supplies

-pneumatic tubing
-old t-shirt
-duct tape
-small wire

-xacto knife
-wire cutters

Step 2: Cutting

Using your xacto knife, cut a piece of tubing about six inches longer than your barrel. then, cut 2 square holes close to the end 180 degrees apart. Next cut a 8x8 piece of t-shirt. You also need some thin wire. I got mine from an old speaker wire.

Step 3: Wrapping

Get the center of your t-shirt piece and lay it next to the tube. Next, put your wire through the hole and wrap it around the cloth several times.

Step 4: Duct Tape

Tape around the wire so it will not scratch your barrel.

Step 5: Cleaning

Run the squeegee through your barrel several times to clean it.



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    I made myself one, although I just cut two strips of cloth, and ran some string through holes in both of them. No chance of duct tape harming anything that way.

    1 reply

    That sounds like a good improvement.

    I made a hard squeegee using a black plastic coat hanger and some tee shirts rags all i had to do was hold a lighter to the end and then press it to the tee shirt rag and it stuck and holds really well

    that's not a bad start, but I would use a piece of chamois , and try to do without the duct tape. you don't want anything that will gum up or scratch your barrel. also, you only want to squeegee out your barrel more than once, if you have to make more than one pass, your squeegee isn't very good. also, if the paint gets dirt on it, it'll scratch your barrel, which is way no good.

    1 reply

    My new design will do a better job cleaning the barrel. I have not finished the design yet but it will be much better. No tape, better cleaning, ...

    Do you really even need the tape and the wire? If you cut the shirt into a thin strip, you can just put the shirt through the hole in the tubing, and then you wouldn't need the tape or wire.

    1 reply

    The new design that I am working on will not use wire or duct tape hopefully. I will hopefully get the Instructable up soon but I have not completed the design.

    I have been paintballin for a few years now and have to say i would never use this in one of my barrels. Not only is it not going to do that great a job, i dont want duct tape getting stuck in there.

    1 reply

    If the tape is tightly wound it should be smaller than the barrel. I have used mine many times with no problem. If you are worried about the tape, use a jerk squeegee.

    use glue instead of tape and improve the design i would use it in a pinch. But the way you made it could use a bit of improvement. Not bad for a first instructable...i guess.

    1 reply

    I have started thinking about a new version that will use glue instead. Thanks for the feedback