Awesome Paper Box. Just One Piece of Paper .




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Introduction: Awesome Paper Box. Just One Piece of Paper .



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    nice box i give it 5 stars i made it on my first try.

    woww!! awesome!!..i cant wait to try it out

    this is SO sweet!

    The video is WAY to fast! No efence or nothing but... it's WAY to fast

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     then pause at some parts you dont get or replay

    i made this, and i think it is really flimsy. i would suggest making it with a few pieces of paper together to make it strong.

    Btw, do you think that this is girly? If I just do it with a blank peice of paper I mean, not with a heart.

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    Okay then, GorillazMiko, Superorigamikitteh, and I are the biggest golics fans :)


    He doesn't use origami.  He uses scissors and craft knives.  Origami is where you fold paper without glue, paste, scissors, or knives. 

    That was when I was 10 years old.... I didn't know

    What Golics uses is called papercraft. Not origami.

    I agree with your image.

    And I am a huge fan of golics. His/ her stuff is awesome.

    I have a few things to say. 1. I am 90% sure it's a women (see cool finger trick under her name.). 2. I made that pic on Microsoft word :) 3. Errm... 4.uhh... 5. Thats all!!


    golics is intense with his work.

    you know superjustin ur cool XD no ones ever been this nice to me before XD

    Rofl, thanx... I'm pretty new on Instructables though, I only have 1 Instructable so far if you wanna check it out. ▒