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Introduction: Awesome Paper Plane!

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Who doesn't like paper planes? I know I do!

This paper plane is really easy to make, and it is surprisingly good!

Good luck :)

All you need is a piece of paper (A4), and the pair of scissors are optional - they are only if you want to try and orientate your plane. And some markers if you want to decorate the plane.

Step 1:

Fold the paper as shown on the pictures.

Step 2:

And again, fold the paper as shown in the pictures, so it takes shape of a house.

Step 3:

Fold the top layer of paper on the 'roof' of the 'house' up, so it doesn't look like a house anymore :)

Step 4:

This step is kind of hard.

You have to fold each of the flaps both up and down, so you get a kind of cross consisting of 3 triangles and a square. Then fold it so it has a flap going upwards, and then bend in down towards the pointy end.

It is hard to describe, but I hope you can understand it, and especially if you look at the pictures!

Step 5:

Flip the whole thing over, and bend it as shown in the picture.

Now fold the plane in half.

Step 6:

Now flip it over again, and fold it as in the pictures.

Step 7:

Fold each side of the plane upwards.

Step 8: Extra: Orientating

Use your pair of scissors to cut two flaps in the plane, and fold them either upwards or downwards. If one is folded up and one is folded down, the plane will spin to either the left or the right. If you have both up or down, the plane will either fly upwards or downwards really fast!

Step 9: Extra: Decorating

Use markers or pencils to decorate your plane. This makes them unique and special :)



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    let me know how it works out for you!:)

    My dad taught me how to make this plane when I was young. Thanks for reminding me.

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