Awesome, Permanent Bubbles From A CD or DVD..?


In this video I show how to blow Permanent bubbles using an old Cd or DVD all you'll need for this is:

1. A CD Or DVD

2. A lighter

3. Scissors, a Knife, or a Razor Blade

And that's it, in the video I show you how to separate the two layers on the CD or DVD, heating it up, and actually blowing the bubbles.

It makes for a cool Party Trick to show your Friends. And the size of bubbles you can get, border on the absurd!

I think this is perfect addition for anybody's Cool Science Demonstration Arsenal.

I would also like to thank Instructables for sending me out this Cool Shirt, it was really kind of them for doing so, I would like to thank one member of Instructables in particular for all of their help, I won't state their name for I wouldn't want people hassling them, but Thank You Very Much For The Shirt, and all the Help You've Given me :)

Hope you Enjoy!

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infektedpc1 month ago
cool trick just tried it pretty cool
TrollFaceTheMan (author)  infektedpc1 month ago

Thanks, I am glad you liked it.

Oh ok lol

Try a hair dryer
TrollFaceTheMan (author)  sxcgreekboi_241 month ago

I also don't have one of those XD

jmwells1 month ago
Yeah sucks being a paid slave.
TrollFaceTheMan (author)  jmwells1 month ago

I am unsure what you are trying to imply..?

We're all busy working. Trying to make ends meet. Just paid slaves to the economy.
TrollFaceTheMan (author)  jmwells1 month ago

Even if we didn't make money, we'd still be slaves to Hunger, Thirst and the Desire for Shelter. So overall I don't think things are to bad :)

I have done this before, its kind of tough to get the hang of it at first. I did NOT know that there was such an easy way to remove the metallic stuff though. Thanks for that.

TrollFaceTheMan (author)  gravityisweak1 month ago

Glad It was Useful, thanks for letting me know :)

Bro this is mad, my kindly teacher had a whistle that would make permanent bubbles and now I can make my own, U ROCK

PS. Can u give it a go at using an air compressor and tell me how it goes???
TrollFaceTheMan (author)  sxcgreekboi_241 month ago

I would have no problem doing that... Except I don't have an air compressor... XD



laxap1 month ago


Did you try to attach a couple to a ventilator? How would it look?

TrollFaceTheMan (author)  laxap1 month ago

What do you mean, have an Idea in mind..?

jmwells1 month ago
Good to see you posting here again. Been a while.
TrollFaceTheMan (author)  jmwells1 month ago

Thank you I've been pretty busy with other stuff, am glad to be back :)

This is so neat! And good point, I wonder how someone even discovered this! haha

XD I think that same sentiment about a lot of things, anyways Thanks! :D

Verticees1 month ago


TrollFaceTheMan (author)  Verticees1 month ago

Thank You :)

LE-RZ1 month ago
Totally EPIC!!!
TrollFaceTheMan (author)  LE-RZ1 month ago

Thanks, glad you like it!

patsheldon1 month ago

ou I wanna try thisss!

TrollFaceTheMan (author)  patsheldon1 month ago

Let us know if you do :)

Cool! Does melting the cd smell like burnt plastic?

Nope, all goes well it should have zero smell to it, your not actually Burning the CD just slowly melting the plastic.

Kiteman1 month ago

This is so cool!

You could make it competitive, longest bubble wins (with bonus points for not hot-gluing your fingers together).

or, you know, your lips... >>... i'd caution anyone who tries this to be VERY careful not to get in so much of a rush that you touch the cd with your lips.



What's the matter?


TrollFaceTheMan (author)  Kiteman1 month ago


TrollFaceTheMan (author)  badideasrus1 month ago

It's a good Idea... XD

TrollFaceTheMan (author)  Kiteman1 month ago

Sounds like a splendid Idea! Winner gets Bragging right as the best Bubble Blower for 1 Year :D