In this video I show how to blow Permanent bubbles using an old Cd or DVD all you'll need for this is:

1. A CD Or DVD

2. A lighter

3. Scissors, a Knife, or a Razor Blade

And that's it, in the video I show you how to separate the two layers on the CD or DVD, heating it up, and actually blowing the bubbles.

It makes for a cool Party Trick to show your Friends. And the size of bubbles you can get, border on the absurd!

I think this is perfect addition for anybody's Cool Science Demonstration Arsenal.

I would also like to thank Instructables for sending me out this Cool Shirt, it was really kind of them for doing so, I would like to thank one member of Instructables in particular for all of their help, I won't state their name for I wouldn't want people hassling them, but Thank You Very Much For The Shirt, and all the Help You've Given me :)

Hope you Enjoy!


<p>I was looking up Rock candy and found you,:) This is awesome! I can't wait to get a bunch of cd's together and do this project with my son,thank you so very much for showing us how to do this and big props to your &quot;friend&quot; :) for showing you,this very awesome trick..:) </p>
<p>Thank you very much, and I hope he has fun :)</p>
cool trick just tried it pretty cool
<p>Thanks, I am glad you liked it.</p>
Oh ok lol <br><br><br>Try a hair dryer
<p> I also don't have one of those XD</p>
Yeah sucks being a paid slave.
<p>I am unsure what you are trying to imply..?</p>
We're all busy working. Trying to make ends meet. Just paid slaves to the economy.
<p> Even if we didn't make money, we'd still be slaves to Hunger, Thirst and the Desire for Shelter. So overall I don't think things are to bad :) </p>
<p>I have done this before, its kind of tough to get the hang of it at first. I did NOT know that there was such an easy way to remove the metallic stuff though. Thanks for that.</p>
<p>Glad It was Useful, thanks for letting me know :)</p>
Bro this is mad, my kindly teacher had a whistle that would make permanent bubbles and now I can make my own, U ROCK<br><br>PS. Can u give it a go at using an air compressor and tell me how it goes???
<p> I would have no problem doing that... Except I don't have an air compressor... XD</p>
<p>Amazing!</p><p>Did you try to attach a couple to a ventilator? How would it look?</p>
<p>What do you mean, have an Idea in mind..?</p>
Good to see you posting here again. Been a while.
<p>Thank you I've been pretty busy with other stuff, am glad to be back :)</p>
<p>This is so neat! And good point, I wonder how someone even discovered this! haha</p>
<p>XD I think that same sentiment about a lot of things, anyways Thanks! :D </p>
<p>Thank You :)</p>
Totally EPIC!!!
<p>Thanks, glad you like it!</p>
<p>ou I wanna try thisss!</p>
<p> Let us know if you do :)</p>
<p>Cool! Does melting the cd smell like burnt plastic?</p>
<p> Nope, all goes well it should have zero smell to it, your not actually Burning the CD just slowly melting the plastic. </p>
<p>This is so cool!</p><p>You could make it competitive, longest bubble wins (with bonus points for not hot-gluing your fingers together).</p>
<p>or, you know, your lips... &gt;&gt;... i'd caution anyone who tries this to be VERY careful not to get in so much of a rush that you touch the cd with your lips. </p>
<p>*hiccup*</p><h4>AARGH!!</h4><p>What's the matter?</p><p><em>Mmmmm!</em></p>
<p>It's a good Idea... XD</p>
<p> Sounds like a splendid Idea! Winner gets Bragging right as the best Bubble Blower for 1 Year :D</p>

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