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Introduction: Awesome Sandwich

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In this instructable, I'll demonstrate how to make an absolutely rocking sandwich, with some ingredients that you may not expect..

Step 1: Ingredients

Here's what you'll need:

- Bread
- Imitation crabmeat (this is actually fish)
- Pesto
- Avocado
- salt & pepper
- A knife

here's what you won't need:
- mayo
- mustard

Step 2: Toast the Bread, Spread the Spreads

Start by toasting your bread - you can toast it in a regular toaster, to whatever level of toasted-ness you like. This is a general sandwich tip - I personally find that toasting my bread for sandwiches makes them more tasty.

Now we'll put the spreads onto the sandwich. Pesto on one half, and avocado on the other is what I've chosen here - since I'm making 1/2 of a sandwich, this will ensure full coverage throughout the eating experience.

Hopefully you've chosen an avocado that is ripe - if it's ripe, you should be able to spread it as I've done. 1/4 of the avocado should be enough, or if you're a real avocado-lover, you can probably even use 1/2 of an avocado for your sandwich!

Step 3: Imitation Crabmeat Application

Now, apply the imitation crabmeat. If you're making a whole sandwich, you can apply across the entire slice of bread.

A hint about imitation crab-meat: it's best when it's very fresh. Always keep it refrigerated, and if you can, try to use it on the same day that you buy it from the store, or very soon after.

Step 4: Final Step, Salt Pepper and Done!

Before you close your sandwich up, sprinkle some salt and pepper onto the open face. Then, close it up, admire it, and eat!



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    This looks really good...

    Real Crab meat is absolutely excellent if it is readily available. Here in MD, Blue Crab is all over the place, so if you can't find it in the store, you can go catch it when the season is in. I'll bet this'd be pretty good with that on there. Also, check into Old Bay.

    2 replies

    It truly is wonderful. I need to get out crabbing soon!

    That DOES look like a good sandwich, but i have one suggestion. "Phillips seafood crab meat" not only is it real crab meat, its chesapeake blue crab or better known at the best tasting crab in the world. they do sell it at many grocery stores.

    wow, this looks like the second best sandwich. second to peanut butter jelly sandwich. nothing can top it, sorry.

    I just made this sandwich (except in place of pesto, I experimented with dried basil and garlic salt pureed in rosemary-infused olive oil). The 'wich was delightfully different; I will definitely have more, but I felt like the crab meat flavor could be accented a little more... we'll have to take a tour of the kitchen.

    I love bagels w/ cream cheese and bacon....mmmm.....

    "Imitation" crabmeat........................whats' wrong with the R-E-A-L thing??

    2 replies

    But there is more "crab" in a jam sandwich, than there is in that stuff.I mean do you really know just what it consists of ,or more importantly how its' obtained??

    Nothing....just that imitation crabmeat is more widely available than real crabmeat and probably cheaper too.

    that bread you gotta toast wheat bread looks good!

    This was intriguing looking enough for me to actually try, but I thought it was just so so. Just seemed like it was missing something. nice try.

    1 reply

    I used to eat imitation crabmeat sandwiches for lunch at school growing up sometimes. In those cases, mom would prepare the crabmeat the same way you would tuna (mayonnaise and celery). I was a big fan of those. Perhaps the missing ingredient is a little mayo in the crabmeat (this is coming from someone who normally hates mayo- I only like it in tiny amounts and only on/in tuna or crabmeat sandwiches)?

    hmm? not sure I understand the reason for that comment...

    mmmmm (trying to be homer simpson) looks yummy donut!

    Making good sandwiches is an Art.

    Your slice of bread looks partially toasted in step 1? And the finished thing looks like it has a little too much filling, but yeah nice bite. L

    1 reply

    aah, you're right! I forgot a step - thanks, I'll fix that.

    That sandwich looks both delicious and totally nasty at the same time.