Introduction: Awesome Shuriken

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All of your friends will be amazed by this little star, also, no tape or staples!! Only paper!!
Post-it notes (square)
Hard surface

Step 1: Creating Opposite Pieces

Picture of Creating Opposite Pieces

1. Set post-it down facing up with the sticky part on the left side
2. Create a crease as a guideline
3. Fold sticky part onto other flap
4. Fold horizontally
5. Fold vertically the unfold
6. Create a "z" formation (do opposite for second piece)
7. Fold like shown
8. Fold triangle inwards (two photos for different perspective)

Step 2: Creating Shuriken

Picture of Creating Shuriken

1. Place pieces "hugging" each other
2. Tuck in all flaps as shown
3. Complete!
Note* if last flap won't fit, tuck under the part where it "plugs" in


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-10-24

Nice paper craft.

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