Awesome Spinning Toy Made From Soda Cans





Introduction: Awesome Spinning Toy Made From Soda Cans

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In this Instructable, I made a spinning toy from 6 steel soda cans.

What's needed:

  • 6 Steel Soda cans
  • 2 x nuts
  • Neodymium magnet
  • Hot glue and permanent markers
  • Glass surface like a table or mirror for spinning the toy

Step 1: Cut Out the Bottoms

Cut out the bottoms from all the cans.

Step 2: Make a Disk Nr1

Put 1 or 2 neodymium magnets in the disc and close it with hot glue.

You can use a permanent marker to colour the disk for easy identification.

Step 3: Make a Disk Nr2

Glue a nut in the centre.

Turn the plate with a nut around and make a dent in the centre.

Glue it together and colour it.

Step 4: Make a Disk Nr3

Third disk is exactly the same as the last one, but without a dent.

Step 5: Time to Play

For the best result, spin the disk on a glass surface.

You can spin a single disk or join them together for different effects.

My favourite combination is a magnetic disk+disk with a dent.


For different effects, try to change disk sides.



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10 Discussions

And is it necessary that neodymium magnet is used? can any magnet be used?

I have a physics project to make a toy. i am planning to make this one. it would very helpgul if anyone could provide me a note on this. like the science behind it?

I think Coca-Cola (in EU) is experimenting with steel. You can't really tell the difference, other than it attracts to the magnet.

Redbull cans used to be steel, circa 2001. We used one to set off old gunpowder. The aluminium top melted in neat little drops down the side.

I'm planning on taking a magnet to the store with me next time to find some steel cans.

nckenergy its does not need to be steel to work thats the point of the steel nut and the magnet..................

very cool.... very inventive!