My son is going through his Super Mario Bros. phase. I don't know that I ever got over mine. Playing Nintendo for countless hours is one of my fondest childhood memories. With Easter right around the corner, I thought I would surprise him with these Awesome Super Mario Nintendo Eggs.

I'm not an artist and I know these aren't perfect, but I think they still came out pretty cool. I used images from my iphone to replicate the  the Nintendo characters. I basically drew the images on with a pencil and then used Acrylic paint to fill them in. I used Sharpie Paint markers to fill in small details like the pupils.

WARNING: These are for fun only. Do not eat eggs that have been painted with Acrylic paint.

Step 1: What You Need:

For this instructable, you will need the following:

One Dozen Hard Boiled Eggs- some might crack during the cooking process. It's good to have extra.

Acrylic Paint:

Cadmium Red

Deep Black

Burnt Sienna

Brilliant Green

Unbleached Titanium Hue

Medium Gray

Permanent Rose

Azo Yellow Medium

Titanium White

Sharpie Poster Paint:


Floursent Green

Floursent Blue



Lead Pencil


Bowls with water

Old newspaper

Plate for paint

Paper towels

Wet rag-  in case you get paint on surrounding surfaces:

Black Sharpie
<p>Hi there! I'm doing an Easter egg roundup and would love to use these eggs. Is it ok if I share the image in my post with a link back to this instructables article? These are so awesome :)</p>
<p>Such Detail!</p>
<p>i already made this with markers, haha. my nephew love it so much. I post it on my instagram @wipank_</p>
<p>This is so cool. Great job</p>
<p>amazing just amazing</p>
Thanks for posting, I have just made mario for an easter egg competition for school , it looks great! Thanks! :)<br>
Cool! I hope you win!
Thanks! :)
awsome, but you forgot the yoshi egg ( not yoshi but his egg)
Actually, I did make the Yoshi egg, The detail for him was pretty easy, so I didn't include him in the final pics. Just three circles painted green.
i love yoshi
My son does too! He's insisted that he be Yoshi for Halloween.
cool i think he will grow up to be awesome =)
super cute!
I like playing Mario games. So i love these eggs. So creative.
Yesterday wanted our daughter (when she saw mine egg) Also paint a egg .And she did so here is the photo. Tomorrow they come to our site (with a link to you) <br><br>
OMG! How awesome!
This is awesome!<br /> <br /> (and it made it to <a href="http://gma.yahoo.com/photos/create-super-mario-bros-easter-eggs-slideshow/super-mario-bros-photo-1333567218.html">Good Morning America's</a> site)
Totally awesome! Thanks for the link. :)
Wonderful work indeed! I never have gotten over my Mario phase either! lol.
I had so much fun by making this Mario egg thanks for sharing !
Awesome! Did you blow out the egg? I think you can put a clear coat on top and it will last longer. Maybe an experienced artist can help us out with this?
Yes Idid blow out the egg. Tomorro i give the egg a coat (painting medium)
superb.... <br><br>u wake up old memories.....
Wow!!! Awesome!!
These are very cool. You might want to blow the eggs out, then you could keep them. When I was younger I loved doing that and oddly 15+ years later I still have some! (Go figure!)
Wow, that's awesome. 15+ years! Originally I just did this for the kids for fun, but I wish I would have blown out the eggs. Guess I'll just have to make them again.
SUPER work! It'll be crying shame to crack one open and destroy the art. ;-( ;-)
Thank you! I agree! It took a long time to finish all the details. I'm going to let the kids play with them on Easter though. I hope some of them survive, but I doubt it. ;)
Love the bullet-bill one! hahahhaha
I figured I had to include him. He's a classic!
defiantly! its great :)
So fun, great job!
Awesome! Though it is a pain, you could poke a hole in each end first and blow out the innards. Though, you would have to be gentle when you paint :)
Thank you Penolopy! I'm going to have to try this trick. :)
That's so awesome.. perfect time for Easter!<br><br>Maybe you can do the pinhole trick and blow out the raw egg instead of boiling them. That way there's no issue with keeping the eggs for longer.
Thanks! <br><br>I've never tried that trick before, but knowing me, I would probably drop the egg and it would shatter to pieces. It's worth a try though. They should keep for a while in the fridge. We'll see how many many make it after Easter!

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