Step 6: Old School Nintendo Control

Picture of Old School Nintendo Control
Old School Nintendo Control:

Acrylic Paint:

Cadmium Red

Sharpie Paint Pen:


Black Sharpie

To make the control, paint one hard boiled egg Medium Gray. Repeat process two times, waiting 25 minutes between each coat. Next, using a lead pencil,out line two squares. Fill them in with black paint. Wit 30 minutes to dry. Outline the square on the left with the gray paint, until it resembles the controller.

For the square on the right side, draw two small squares inside the square and use gray paint to fill them in. Apply two more coats of gray. Wait 30 minutes to dry and using the red paint, paint two small squares, one inside each gray square. Above the gray squares, using your red sharpie paint pen, write the word Nintendo. You can go back over it in red paint if you prefer.

In the middle of the egg, in between each black square, use your white sharpie paint pen and draw five skinny rectangles. Let them dry. Then using a black sharpie, draw in two skinny black rectangles on the fourth with rectangle. On the third rectangle, use your red sharpie and write select and start. My handwriting is two big, but I was able to get a few letters on each word.  Last, with your red sharpie, draw a "B" under the first gray square and an "A" on the second. (I forgot this step)