This is my first insructable.

Step 1:

You need glass blocks,bricks and ladders.

Step 2:

Find a tree. Make it flat.

Step 3:

Go to the trunk

Step 4:

Dig upwards when touching the trunk

Step 5:

Put as much ladders onto the trunk

Step 6:

Put bricks on the edges and glass on top

Step 7:

Put bricks on top of the glass

Step 8:

Make the roof as bricks

Step 9:

And your finished
Mine is bigger, so i put so many stuff
Never thought of it.
I know. If you leave the door open you can put pictures covering the door and have a secret entrance.
yeah you can open it up its Minecraft. do whatever you want. FYI empty spaces dont stop those skeleton arrows like glass does.
Thanks you can also use leaves instead of bricks and have holes instead of glass.
It's really good
It's good.

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Bio: Really happy and wants to be a engineer
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