video Awesome Trick with Ruler
You won't believable your eye until you watch this. Amazing way to balance a ruler with a hammer as easy as ABC. you can try it in your party to catch people eyes....

z0mbi3 man7 years ago
Shifrin7 years ago
Truly amazing, When ever I watch these type of videos I always wonder who actually finds out that these work. SICK man!
kin-x Shifrin7 years ago
that would be physic students my good man.
Shifrin kin-x7 years ago
who said Im a good man?
Shifrin Shifrin7 years ago
John Smith7 years ago
Awesome, reminds me of the spoon, fork, and match center of gravity trick...
I was gonna say that!
eLeet7 years ago
Very cool :) When you think about it, it would be a lot less exciting if it wasn't for the string- because if it was just a solid frame, it would be immediately obvious that it was just a center-of-gravity trick. So congratz on a great instructable! :)
Yoken, you always have cool videos on how to do tricks and stuff!
this is AMZAZING!
dentsinger7 years ago
The majority of the mass is behind the fulcrum.
mrbob10007 years ago
i gotta do this! does the angle of the hammer matter?
tycoyoken (author)  mrbob10007 years ago
Yeah..you need to adjust until both are in balance...
tomonto7 years ago
whers the instruction part???? lazy lazy
tycoyoken (author)  tomonto7 years ago
hehehe...I just want to make thing simple, fast and easy to learn...that's why I made the video... you can do it as you watch it...sorry my English not so good..that's why I use video...