This is a great little project to do in the weekend with a friend that will produce an awesome model wooden guitar which is a little smaller than half a normal size one. You can do it to replicate a guitar you think looks cool or you can just design your own for fun.

After making this i realized it would be awesome as a controller for Frets On Fire (guitar hero clone on the computer)and so i am going to make it into one and post a link to it here when it is finished.

Note- In my design i successfully made and inter-cultural blunder being that the Yin and Yang symbol are Chinese and the Rising Sun design is very blatantly Japanese, either way i like how it is, it has... personality.

Step 1: Materials

Tools and materials:

Sandpaper and Files
A sheet of MDF
Paint, both spray and hand
Staitonary eg. pencil ,rubber, ruler
An old CD
A faraway look

<p>Wtf I thought this would be a real guitar site.....I very mad because I followed every step but didnt even get a guitar with strings....I feel like a chump!</p>
nice shirt bro!
Dude u could accually make a guitar if u make holes and add string and medal
it dont do anything! i want a real electric guitar! tell me how to make a real one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
make money not a guitar! and then buy it!
err, what does it do?
Looks good.
the party popper is a firework with a fuse!! xD
The explorer was awesome , but the flying V let me down :( it's too thin ,compared to a V .
Thats cool ! much better than air guitar !
My air guitar was a cheap knock off and buzzed on the 4th fret. Never again will I send in 5 box tops to Kellogg's again.
WTF!! i thought they were real guitars..
Do you think that Jimmy Pages signature double neck would work with this? technique?&nbsp;<br />
This Is A Really Rad Project. Totall Thumbs Up, Good Job Man.
how much does it cost with all the electric stuff and the stuff on the head of the guitar<br /> <br />
what a baby
you do know the beatles were famous over 40 years ago, right?
lol he was joking.
i know. lol
the explorers the best, the flying v is the worst :(
coolieo :)
Ive made guitars before but i cant wait to try these great job
i should post pics of my custom strat with a cool suprize once its finished
yaaaaaa i prefer real guitars. those are sweet for hanging on walls though
Im not being critical, I think that it is great to knokc these things out for fun wall art or to play around with, but you could add piezo pickups from radioshack, a set of strings from walmart and a set of cheap tuners for under 20 bucks and have something that would be a little more fun. might have to use a more durable wood, but that is pretty much how I build my electric ukuleles.
"The first time i did this i used eye and mouth protection but this time i errr... Couldn't find it?" Include safety!!!!!! when MDF is cut it produces a lot of very very fine dust, furthermore MDF contains Formaldehyde (the stuff that is dangerous). so when you breathe it in, serious health concerns come up. When working with this stuff you should definitely wear a respirator and goggles!
sorry to come across as harsh :-( but other than that these things are awesome!
Its okay i understand the safety issues, and i know what formaldehyde is, i also know it's used to preserve dead bodies after they are given to the funeral company.
They are too flat. For Example make a wooden pick gaurd and glue it on top. or wooden pickups., etc..
I thought of that but i wanted to keep it as one piece so as to not have any things that could go wrong, its more of a fun piece than an art piece.

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