Picture of Awesome bff band
make this awesome bracelet to give to your friends with using rexlace, scissors, pony beads and you!

Step 1: Sliding on beads

Picture of sliding on beads
slide on 2 beads right into the very middle

Step 2: More beads

Picture of more beads
put 2 more beads right at the end of the lace- dont slide them any further

Step 3: Tricky to understand step

Picture of tricky to understand step
ush the other end strand through the one with the beads

Step 4: Keep going

Picture of keep going
 keep on repeating this until you have the length you like.

Step 5: Finishing off

Picture of finishing off
push the two ends of rexlace thrhough the other endsand tie a knot

Step 6: Finished!

Picture of finished!
your bracelet is finished! give it 2 a friend!
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jumpertoad (author) 5 years ago
sorry guys! i didnt use a camra because i mad the instructable first :(
So make another bracelet, and take photos.

I usually write the text before taking photos - it works for me.
jumpertoad (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
i dont know how to upload photos. but the bracelet turned out really cool!
You might have a chance at "awesome" with some good pictures. You uploaded more than one image already, it's the same uploader for everything else.