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And now, I present to you, the epic, the awesome,,, Buzzsaw glove!!!!!!!!! made from a dvd player, old cds, glove, 4 c batteries, wire, and a glove. oh, don't forget the duct tape!


jodb (author)2015-10-18

Hi Chandler104, it looks nice :))). What are you chopping? LOL

internetgeek (author)2011-08-23

Not use full @ all

kelseymh (author)2011-02-11

Not awesome, not epic. Maybe if you took the time and effort to show us how you built it, how it works, why you wanted it, then we might be impressed.

Take a look at the very top of the page. See where it says


in big letters? "Instruct" is part of that word for a reason.

chandler104 (author)kelseymh2011-03-11

hey, I meant to post it as a picture/slideshow. I was in the car so I did it on my cell phone. I used that picture from when I was at home showing my friends.

kelseymh (author)chandler1042011-03-11

Um, wow. I need to apologize; that was way over the top.

chandler104 (author)kelseymh2011-07-14

thats kool bro. Just to get back at you.. see were it says when your replying "We have a "be nice" policy. In nice quotes "be nice"? haha jk

The Ideanator (author)kelseymh2011-02-11

u mad?

Lunera (author)2011-02-12

He would have finished the 'ibile, but he had to go to the hospital to have bits of CD removed from his eye I'm guessing.

mikeasaurus (author)2011-02-11

no instructions? least a video of you chopping up some cardboard cutouts!

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