Awesome (cheap) Heating Pad!





Introduction: Awesome (cheap) Heating Pad!

No ideas for christmas presents? No money either? damn! Well, that´s what I´m here for! Take a look at this awesome and cheap heating pad!

Step 1: Let´s Get Started

You´ll need:

- 2 kg. of pudding rice.

- 1 old dishtowel

- 1 piece of cotton fabric (optional)

Step 2: Halfway There! You Can Do It!

What do you do now? Well, let me tell ya!

You fold the dishtowel in half and then sew along one of the short openings and the long one. (this is now, that you do the same thing with the cotton fabric, if you choose to have that as well) Now you either pour the rice in the cotton fabric, or (if you didn´t chose the cotton fabric) in the old dishtowel.

The orange thing here on the picture, is the cotton fabric, which I am pouring the rice down in.

Step 3: Close It Up My Friend

Close the dishtowel up (or the cotton fabric, if you chose that. If you did chose the cotton fabric, then put it inside the dishtowel, like I do on this picture.)

Close the dishtowel up and now you´re done!

Heat it up in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and enjoy the heat spreading through your skin and making all your problems go away!



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