Step 10: Add Non-Skid Liner

Step 10:  Cut non-skid shelf liner to fit the box.  Place in the box but do NOT glue down.  This will keep the padding and dog from slipping, but is easily removed for cleaning.
<p>I think I am going to try to find a big wheeled double wide stroller and fit a wire kennel into it. I am a toy dog breeder so I need something that I can transport a litter of small puppies places for vet visits, socialization, and of course people will see them in a cute carrier and instantly want one lol. ;) I am thinking of spray painting it all one color to make it seem less halfhazard in design too.</p>
<p>You are a genius! I'm so going to make this for hauling around my 60+ daily newspapers. My back already thanks you in advance for this instructable!</p>
<br>Wivaz075 says: Jan 4, 2013. 12:45 PMReply <br>Thank you so much for this idea... Moved to Canada for a short period of time and decided not to buy a car (we are saving a lot of money in car payments and insurance), but carrying my groceries home is a real pain!!! And after destroying three foldable shopping carts decided to use your idea, bought an old stroller and with some spare pieces of wood made my shopping stroller... Used a very strong plastic crates and made a cute cover for them... Carrying my groceries home is a lot easier... Thank you!!!
Here is the pictures to my shopping stroller... I still can folded to store it in the closet ... Thank you again for the idea... ;)
This is beautiful, and I went out a bought one, but I did not pay much. I really want one like this with big wheels.
Please let me know how it works out. What kind of dog do you have? <br> <br>The big wheels are great for rough ground or for running. I am keeping my eyes open for one of the models with a swiveling front wheel.
Thanks so much for this! We're going to try building the converted stroller this weekend for our 45-lb arthritic lab.
Good luck, and let me know how it turns out.
Good luck on the Pets Challenge.
I love this project ;)<br>got my vote
Very nice. I especially like the custom drawings!
Thanks! The drawings went places where I thought, &quot;shucks, I really should have taken a picture of this&quot;.
I wonder if a twin or triplet stroller would work for larger dogs over 70 lbs
Possibly, since they are designed for that much weight. If someone makes one, I'd love to see pictures. I figure I'll have to make a twin dog/kid stroller if I get grandkids in the next 10 years - won't that be a sight!
Now I'd love to see that :)<br>Thanks for the reply
I was wondering if anyone may have a plan for a doggy wheelchair ,old shepards hips are going and needs a little hlep getting around <br>
Dog wheechairs are tricky to fit correctly. the balance has to be right and the dog's weight needs to be supported comfortably. I worked on a front-end one (double the difficulty of a rear-end cart) for Pretzel for 6 months before admitting defeat. I got him a cart from Eddie's Wheels before finally locating OrthoPets, who made the leg brace. We still have the cart in case he needs it later in life. <br> <br>If you do decide to try building your own or buying used, please visit the Eddie's Wheels site for fitting and measuring tips. I am not an employee or stockholder - just an impressed customer. <br> <br>http://eddieswheels.com/carts/used-carts/
You might be able to adapt this idea for your dog.<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Dachshund-wheelchair/
This is wonderful! I appreciate people who care enough about their animals that they care for their needs, even when the pet is old and infirm. I see a gentleman in our neighborhood running with a young lab, and a very old lab in a pet stroller (he uses a modified bike stroller) and I think that says a lot about his character. <br><br>And the helper cats are priceless. We all need helper cats to keep us in line because, you know, we can't be trusted without their guidance.
Thank you for your kind words. <br> <br>We have a supervisor cat (not pictured) that keeps us in line. She might not be a real cat - I suspect she is an alien anthropologist in a cat suit.
Thanks so much for sharing this......... I had a cat once and she always wanted to &quot;help&quot;. If there was a &quot;container&quot; she was in it!!
I think your helper cats are awesome. <br>
Thank you. Those two are friends with the dog. The third one is bent on world domination and does not approve of dogs.
This is so awesome!! Now your pup can go with you without pain. So cool.
We used take short walks and still get stranded 3 blocks from home when his legs would give out. Now we go as far as I have time for.

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