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This instructable will teach you how to build a awesome fort

Step 1:

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for the materials you will need a giant pile of 12 to 13 foot sticks with a diameter of about one inch to 7 inches 

Step 2:

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lots of twine about 200 feet and a hatchet

Step 3:

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you will also need a 5-6 foot step ladder

Step 4:

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and a shovel

Step 5:

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plus a tape measure mine is a 25 foot it only has to be at least 15 feet

Step 6:

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the last thing you will need is lots and lots of tall grass or weeds

Step 7:

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dig a two foot hole and put the strongest widest and longest stick you have into the hole i put a 12 foot stick into the hole this will determine how tall your fort will be

Step 8:

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sing lots of twine and the step ladder tie all of the tops of the sticks together make sure they are all of equal distance away from the base. also make sure the sticks form a circle around the middle stick. make sure to also leave room for a door.

Step 9:

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OPTIONAL-build a small mound of dirt around the base of each stick. this helps hold the sticks in place

Step 10:

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wrap twine around the outside of the fort. this will help hold up the walls

Step 11:

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using the tall grass or weeds start to press them on to the outside of the fort. make sure to leave room for the door 

Step 12:

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once you are done pressing all of the weeds\tall grass on (I left asmall part of the topbare to let in light-optional) it is time to start one the door

Step 13:

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This door is optional you can leave a blank hole there instead.for the door break or cut about 8-9 pieces as wide as your door. 

Step 14:

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using the twine tie the pieces together at equal distances and leave about 10 inches left on either side

Step 15:

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tie a short stick to two long vertical sticks attached to the top hang your almost ready door there

Step 16:

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weave the weeds/tall grass in between the sticks that you are using for the door and then after it is all filled in your fort is done!


Carpenter Guy (author)2016-05-29

Nice! I made a fort similar to this, it is nice!

nerfrocketeer (author)2013-07-28



The Honey Boy (author)2015-09-23


AnthonyB8 (author)2014-12-16

fairly good job on this fort but I think you could do better.

Jetpack5 (author)2013-08-17

A nice job!

antibobthebuilder (author)2013-07-28


spyder2021 (author)2013-07-28

COOL !!!. That put a whole new meaning to "tree fort".

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