Picture of Awesome homemade mini Pizza burrito(s)
Have you ever bought those pizza burritos they sell in grocery stores(walmart,seller bros.,etc),only to be disappointed that they:
a.taste nothing like pizza
b.look horrible
c.taste just straight up bad.

Well,now you can make your OWN pizza burritos that taste delicious,AND use home ingrredients.Here is a finished burrito(took with phone camera):

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Step 1: Ingredients/Tools

Picture of Ingredients/Tools
I tried to make this from VERY BASIC home ingredients,so almost every household should have these:

Flour tortillas(one for every mini pizza burrito)
Tomato Sauce(one small can can make up to about 10 mini burritos)
Cheese(Mozzarella OR you can even use Sliced cheese!!!!)
Ham/Pepperoni[or your favorite toppings(if you dont have pepperoni you can use ham or franks as a substitute)]
Spices(I only used Mrs. Dash Salt free Seasoning Blend)

Can opener

Step 2: Heating things up!

Picture of Heating things up!
First you get the tortillas and heat them on the stove(or microwave).Heat until they're nicely cooked and not hard. :D
Use the spatula to flip themm over once in a while(we want both sides to be cooked ;) ) Then just put them in plates and get ready for next step.

Step 3: Mmmm.....SAUCE!!!

Picture of Mmmm.....SAUCE!!!
Now that we have our tortillas cooked and in plates,we add suace!

First open up  your can of tomato sauce(using your can opener) and heat up the sauce(optional).Use the spoon to spread evenly over the tortilla.Now add the spices you chose.

Step 4: Watch out for the mice!!!

Picture of Watch out for the mice!!!
Now that we have our tortillas heat up and covered with sauce and spices, we can add cheese!

1. Mozzarella
If you got mozzarella then all you need to do is spread evenly over the WHOLE tortilla.

If you got sliced then you want to cut it into strips and then cover the Whole tortilla

Now add your toppings evenly!

Step 5: Heating things up again!

Picture of Heating things up again!
Now that we have the pizza finished,we just put it in the microwave on HIGH for 1-2 minutes(depending how strong your microwave is).You want to put it in BEFORE folding it,so we will make sure everything got heated up!
for how long should you keep it frying in step two?
bombmaker24 years ago
I'm going to try this later. Toss 'em in a deep fryer and you have mini panzarottis.
abcguy10 (author)  bombmaker24 years ago
You know,never thought of that it would be interesting thing.
I will try it out tommorow and let you know how it goes.
abcguy10 (author)  bombmaker24 years ago
how did it go?
Sorry. I completely forgot to comment about that. It went great.Gotta make the edges stay shut or it leaks into the deep fryer. They tasted a lot like the panzarottis from my local pizzeria.
abcguy10 (author)  bombmaker24 years ago
you know it sounds good im making some and thanks for the tips
Your welcome.
oooh. . . . deep fried.