Awesome iPod Touch (1st gen) Game Boy Color Case

Picture of Awesome iPod Touch (1st gen) Game Boy Color Case
this is an ipod case made from an old GB color. as you can see, it still looks exactly like a game boy in the front, but on the back, theres an ipod! its good if you dont want your ipod stolen, caus it looks like an old, jank gameboy
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Step 1: Opening the GameBoy

Picture of Opening the GameBoy
because those bastard at nintendo are so afraid people will tamper with the gameboy's insides, they decided to be total losers and make the screws, not an X or I, but a Y (grrr)
because of this unfortunate circumstance, we will have to make our own special screwdriver for this special screw. (that is, of course, assuming you dont have a compatable screwdriver)

what you need:

a dremel
a rough sander attachment
a vice is extreemly useful
a well lighted area (the cuts are going to be small)
a high attention span
a gameboy color
a small (really small) hex wrench

Step one

clamp the hex wrench in the vice REALLY tightly. make sure your dremel is on the lowest power setting, and insert the rough-cut sander attachment.


sand the tip of the hex wrench down to a triangle, each of the three corners matching up with the notches on the screw.


put on the fine-cut sander bit and sand the SIDES of the triangle inward, untill the wrench fits into the screw notches.

Step 2: The Unneccisaries

Picture of The Unneccisaries
cut out the battery area. try to get the sides as straight as possible, and test the size with your ipod frequently to make sure it fits.

Step 3: Next Step

Picture of Next Step
keep the circuit board inside the gameboy, and cover it with a piece of black duct-tape or felt, to prevent the back of your ipod from being scratched. be careful with the on/off switch though, because it tends to fall off a lot. if you choose to paint your gameboy, take off the screen and buttons, so that the gameboy looks legit when its done.
TheGrayWolf819 months ago

NOOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOooooo GAMEBOY! How could you do that to a Game Boy!!?!?!?!?!?! D: I would understand if it was broken and did not work anymore. Was it broken?

I would still steal that cause its a freakin gameboy
I have all of these tools but,NO GAMEBOY!!!!!!
Oh the irony!
Madrias3575 years ago
I hate asking this kind of question, but seeing as you left all the guts in there, does the Game Boy still work?
Oi23 Madrias3573 years ago
They cut out the battery area. So no,probably not,but if you were to get a AAA or AA battery holder,run the wires to the points where the Gameboy accepts the battery's energy,and put batteries in the holder,it'd probably work.
smonokoppa3 years ago
That's ultra-cool! However, I have a few comments...
- A triwing screwdriver isn't that expensive!
- When you screw everything back together, you can replace those pesky security screws with regular Philips screws. A trip to the hardware store and a few bucks would save a headache later, especially if you stripped the screws.
- To paint the GBC (or any handheld), one can use vinyl dye as well. It is a special paint for plastics that won't chip and actually seeps into the plastic instead of making a layer above it! Cool, right? Krylon Fusion is also a good option. (I don't think it's a true vinyl dye, but for this application, it should work.)

Cool stuff!
i do this all the time for my friends, but for the ipod touch i used a Game Boy Advance, and for the the ipod video or "classic" i used a gameboy pocket. I will post it up soon. It will be epic and blow your mind. still needs a few things to make it perfect. greenranger will save the day.
mr_goodbytes (author) 5 years ago
or you could make one in ten minutes and buy an ice cream cone from dairy queen with that $2 :)
For me, who collects and cleans the internals of the things, they help a lot. Now i need the two gamebits for the N64 and the various carts...
 Could you make the coice any easier? Ice-cream it is!
chainfire955 years ago
Or you could spend $2 and buy the correct screwdriver online.