this is an ipod case made from an old GB color. as you can see, it still looks exactly like a game boy in the front, but on the back, theres an ipod! its good if you dont want your ipod stolen, caus it looks like an old, jank gameboy

Step 1: Opening the GameBoy

because those bastard at nintendo are so afraid people will tamper with the gameboy's insides, they decided to be total losers and make the screws, not an X or I, but a Y (grrr)
because of this unfortunate circumstance, we will have to make our own special screwdriver for this special screw. (that is, of course, assuming you dont have a compatable screwdriver)

what you need:

a dremel
a rough sander attachment
a vice is extreemly useful
a well lighted area (the cuts are going to be small)
a high attention span
a gameboy color
a small (really small) hex wrench

Step one

clamp the hex wrench in the vice REALLY tightly. make sure your dremel is on the lowest power setting, and insert the rough-cut sander attachment.


sand the tip of the hex wrench down to a triangle, each of the three corners matching up with the notches on the screw.


put on the fine-cut sander bit and sand the SIDES of the triangle inward, untill the wrench fits into the screw notches.
Or you could spend $2 and buy the correct screwdriver online.
<p>Or, you could just use a small flat head screw driver like a boss. That's what I do to take apart my GBC.</p>
<p>NOOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOooooo GAMEBOY! How could you do that to a Game Boy!!?!?!?!?!?! D: I would understand if it was broken and did not work anymore. Was it broken?</p>
I would still steal that cause its a freakin gameboy
I have all of these tools but,NO GAMEBOY!!!!!! <br>Oh the irony!
I hate asking this kind of question, but seeing as you left all the guts in there, does the Game Boy still work?<br />
They cut out the battery area. So no,probably not,but if you were to get a AAA or AA battery holder,run the wires to the points where the Gameboy accepts the battery's energy,and put batteries in the holder,it'd probably work.
That's ultra-cool! However, I have a few comments...<br>- A triwing screwdriver isn't that expensive!<br>- When you screw everything back together, you can replace those pesky security screws with regular Philips screws. A trip to the hardware store and a few bucks would save a headache later, especially if you stripped the screws.<br>- To paint the GBC (or any handheld), one can use vinyl dye as well. It is a special paint for plastics that won't chip and actually seeps into the plastic instead of making a layer above it! Cool, right? Krylon Fusion is also a good option. (I don't think it's a true vinyl dye, but for this application, it should work.)<br><br>Cool stuff!
i do this all the time for my friends, but for the ipod touch i used a Game Boy Advance, and for the the ipod video or &quot;classic&quot; i used a gameboy pocket. I will post it up soon. It will be epic and blow your mind. still needs a few things to make it perfect. greenranger will save the day.
or you could make one in ten minutes and buy an ice cream cone from dairy queen with that $2 :)<br />
For me, who collects and cleans the internals of the things, they help a lot. Now i need the two gamebits for the N64 and the various carts...
&nbsp;Could you make the coice any easier? Ice-cream it is!

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