Awesome-ifying Your Facebook Profile





Introduction: Awesome-ifying Your Facebook Profile

Facebook changed layouts recently, adding a row of 5 images (the 5 images you were most recently tagged in) at the top of the profile page. Using Photoshop (or G.I.M.P. or MSPaint if you'd rather), you can make mini-images to fill this space and show off your creativity.

Note: Check this out for the awesome inspiration behind this and more ideas

Step 1: Making Mini-Images

If using the template provided here (as a PSD and a PNG), you can skip ahead to #3. Note that depending on the amount of information in your profile above the 5 images, you may need to make some adjustments if you are including your main profile image in your awesome design as this template is based on having three lines of text at the top (having more or less text at the top of your profile can shift the orientation of the line of 5 mini-images slightly).
  1. Take a screenshot of your profile. I'm a huge fan of Snagit (which is available for both Mac and PC), which isawesome for taking screenshots. Alternately, if you're using a Mac, you can use Grab or if you're using a PC, you can use the Print Screen key on your keyboard
  2. Open your screenshot in Photoshop (or other photo editing program)
  3. Select and delete the areas where the 5 tagged images are (and your main profile image, if you'll be replacing it also)
  4. Create a new layer and place it behind the existing one
  5. Select an image (or images) you'd like to use and paste them onto this new layer
  6. Resize the image and make adjustments as needed so that it shows through panes in the way that you'd like
  7. Select the areas for each of the mini-images, and cut and paste each into a new document, and save
  8. If you're creating a main profile image to go along with the mini-images, select, cut and paste, and save the same way to create that image

Step 2: Create a New Album

  1. Log onto Facebook and go to your profile page
  2. Under the row of 5 images at the top of your profile, click "Photos"
  3. Select "Create an Album"
  4. In the resulting dialog box, select "Select Photos" and browse to select the 5 images you created
  5. Reorder the images so that they appear correctly at the top of your profile page - you should have the image that you want to appear at the far right side as the last image in your new album
  6. Tag yourself in each image

Step 3: Change Main Image

You can skip this step if you only want to use the row of images at the top, but if you've decided to change your main image also:
  1. Mouse over your profile picture and click "Change Picture"
  2. Select "Chose File" and select the file you created previously
  3. Wait for it to upload

Step 4: Check Your Work

  1. Check to make sure that all your changes have taken effect
  2. Make any adjustments that might be needed keeping in mind that if anyone tags you in an image (including yourself), it will replace one of the images you've added and they'll all be "pushed" to the right
  3. Enjoy your awesome new profile!

Step 5: Tips and Hints

  • Make sure you have tagged yourself in the mini-images or they won't display. Tag them from last (far right) to first (far left) to get them to show up in the right order
  • If you're tagged in other images after uploading your mini-images, you can either untag them or mouse over them and click the "x" that appears in the top right corner to hide them (but keep yourself tagged in them)
  • The mini-images should each be 97 x 68 pixels
  • The image provided here can be used with MSPaint to create mini-images if you don't have or don't want to use one of the editing programs mentioned below (available either free or as a free trial)



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    Sadly the cover photo change has made this not work anymore.

    I never even noticed that possibility and now (2013) I cant find it at all anymore. Maybe disappeared with the most recent updates

    Well I'm commenting again but I had to share this image. This is "not exactly" what this instructable shares but it has spun off from this idea only... Its an album composed of a single image. Hope u guys like it...

    single image.png

    Seriously awesome work! I may have to give that a try :)

    Well, as others said, is really nice, once ou get it, but, just refresh the page, and all gets shuffled...
    Press [F5] several times, and you will see all your effort and illussion go thru the window... :-S pitty... it was nice...

    I'm really not sure why some folks are having this issue. I've had mine up for almost a year and have never had the images show up in a different order.

    Every time I refresh the page the images are being shuffled randomly. Is there a fix to this?

    The same happens to mine - is there a fix ??

    I haven't had this issue, and I'm not sure if anyone else has or not (no one has mentioned it). Have you tagged yourself in each image in the reverse order that they should show up?