Introduction: Awesome Origami Sailboat

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you need one sheet of square paper

Step 1:

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fold the paper diagonaly

Step 2:

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fold one end down partially

Step 3:

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fold in half

Step 4:

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fold bottom part up

Step 5:

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squash fold

Step 6:

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fold up and fold in

Step 7:

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fold in

Step 8:

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turn inside out

Step 9:

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fold one part back

Step 10:

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fold into that little pocket

Step 11:

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you are done!!


AssassinzSinpZ (author)2014-08-29

whooaa... that's very genius!

Zunit (author)2014-02-23

pic 5 ~.~ i dont get it :/

doppleganger124 (author)Zunit2014-02-24

Sorry but the camera flipped upside down, I will add an updated version soon!

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