Picture of Awesome single handed portable flame thrower
Today i will show you how to make a simple, but spectacular handheld  flame thrower that can shoot a flame over 4ft (or 1.2meters) long. It would bring a great big smile to any budding pyro out there. Best of all it is so simple.

Uses of this device include but not limited to blasting flies off the ceiling, shooting mosquitoes out of the air, clearing spider webs and their inhabitants, scaring others with the sound of a roaring flame, melting cheese on toast, fire starter, eyebrow removal and anything else your imagination can come up with.

The method is the same as using a lighter to ignite any flammable aerosol whether it be WD-40 or your favorite deodorant, as your spraying it. The concept is the same but with some improvements such as using a butane canister for the fuel, a kitchen jet torch as the ignition and a narrow tube for directional spray, giving you one handed operation, a narrower flame which in turn will travel further and help you hit your mark more accurately while keeping your fingers well away from the flames. The trick to getting huge flames is to have the butane canister upside-down while spraying. This gives roughly 4 time the length of flame as opposed to spraying the can while up-right.