Picture of Awesome wallet made out of playing cards
Duct tape wallets are so old. This is a really cool wallet that looks awesome and is much smaller than most store-bought wallets. It's also super easy to make.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
- 6 or more playing cards (depending on how many pockets or extras you want)

- LOTS of clear tape
raichufan994 years ago
im gonna do this thanks
Ricker704 years ago
I use to make my own, but bought a cheap Vanotticks wallet that I can slip cards in and out of really easy. I don't have to ruin a deck and I can replace with pokemon, baseball, basketball or other cards. Check it out www.vanotticks.com
noixeZ4 years ago
thanks for the instructions i made a wallet like this out of pokemon cards and i totally love it
noixeZ noixeZ4 years ago
all eevee evolutions
i love this idea. i made mine out of those clear card protectors. that way i can slide in whichever cards i want. i used pokemon cards too
awesome, I made a wallet like this with index cards
thatshortkid17 (author)  rck_mtn_climber5 years ago
sounds cool
Synth Omega5 years ago
what happens if it gets wet?
cover it ALL in tape.
um... your king is backwards?!?!?! on the last pic
ya its because i used the camera on my computer to take the pictures so it reversed everything
haha oh ok I thought it was like a lefty deck or something
haha i dont think they make those
they do ive seen them
Yup. www.leftydeck.com
oh thats cool, but i dont get what would be different about them since their all double-sided and stuff
well im left handed and i fan my cards the other way than your supposed to. so i cant see the value/suit, its behind the other card. and them being double sided doesnt make a difference if you turn them around the are still the same. ask somebody who is left handed to fan a deck, or look it up on youtube. you should be able to find something.
ah i see. well my cards arent backwards it's just a reversed picture, but now im interested in the lefty deck. :)
here i found one for you. but this deck is a little different than what I've seen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkKl9ATSoKo
jdogsbart6 years ago
why are the numbers likeeee reversed
thatshortkid17 (author)  jdogsbart6 years ago
sorry about that, i took the picture from my computer so it kinda reversed everything
thatshortkid17 (author) 6 years ago
sorry about flipping the images, i took the pictures from my computer...but the concept is still the same
lemonie6 years ago
Why have you flipped the images? L
pugsleyboy6 years ago
i made on of those about a year ago and i still use it their pretty durable but i made mine out of pokemon cards they look cool and you don't ruin an entire card deck when u make a wallet