Awesomeburger V1





Introduction: Awesomeburger V1

Vinegar being one of my recent culinary fortes, I shall demonstrate how to cook with liberal amounts of it. If used properly, It can make stuff taste delicious, but if not, well, we do have taste buds to spare, right?

Step 1: Marinating

For lunch, freaking awesome burgers will be served(that's not the real name, I can't pick one for them, so I'm leaving naming up to you guys. Commencing mini-contest!)!

For this to work, you need soak time. I started the burgers before I made breakfast.


1) Take your burgers (frozen or not) and submerge them in a pan of vinegar (and other spices/sauces. its mostly vinegar though)
2) Cover and fridge it
3) Wait for lunch

Step 2: Get Grillin!

Take burgers out of the fridge, get your tomatoes, onions, marinate sauce(you're gonna grill with it), lighters and go find your grill.

Fire it up! were gonna get cookin!

Step 3: Grillin Step One

Turn on gas & light grill (turn Hi)
Put burgers on grill
Slice onions 1/4" thick, put on grill by the burgers.

Step 4: Grillin Step Two

Grill the burgers and onions however long you want, just pour some marinate mix on the burgers and onions every so often.

Step 5: Grillin Step Three

When you're minutes from being done, slice your tomatoes and toss them on the grill, pouring vinegar on as needed. WATCH the tomatoes, they wont burn, but they will disintegrate if you leave them on for too long. flip after about a minute, the bottom should have a distinct brown/orange tint. Add more vinegar.

Put the grilled onions on the burger *first* (it makes a difference, I don't know why)
Then put the tomatoes on top of the onion.
Make sure you use toasted bread/buns on this, that bread will fall apart too.

Don't add condiments!!! (why? cause you just cooked your own. Vinegar, tomato, onion. look at your ketchup bottle, same stuff and some fake stuff)

Step 6: Finally! Eat Those Awesomeburgers!

Chow time!!!



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    i remembered a filipino cook in a competition was the only one correct:
    How to sterilize apples without cutting them.
    He said "Blanch in vinegar (boiling of course)"

    Have you tried this with regular cuts of meat? L

    No, that's really the first actual marinading that I've done, I'm going to have to dig out some steaks and try this on them when I get more vinegar, I'm out already ;-D

    Try malt pickling vinegar, I just did some eggs with it - much more flavour than distilled white. L

    I have tried apple cider vinegar, "aged" balsamic, and malt(some brittish-esque "pub" label). they all taste ........ appley. I still prefer the distilled stuff, more pep and taste.

    Pickling vinegar has extra acidity and flavour, it's not table-condiment grade. Mind, some stuff is "non-brewed condiment", meaning watered-down industrial acetic' with/without caramel.


    When did you put the vinegar in? Plain has a curious effect when you mix it before you cook, they pretty much disintegrate on contact with the plate when done cooking, also the eggs hold lots more water.

    It'll be posted this week, being small eggs possibly tomorrow. L

    Just did a steak, Its beyond words.