Vinegar being one of my recent culinary fortes, I shall demonstrate how to cook with liberal amounts of it. If used properly, It can make stuff taste delicious, but if not, well, we do have taste buds to spare, right?

Step 1: Marinating

For lunch, freaking awesome burgers will be served(that's not the real name, I can't pick one for them, so I'm leaving naming up to you guys. Commencing mini-contest!)!

For this to work, you need soak time. I started the burgers before I made breakfast.


1) Take your burgers (frozen or not) and submerge them in a pan of vinegar (and other spices/sauces. its mostly vinegar though)
2) Cover and fridge it
3) Wait for lunch
i remembered a filipino cook in a competition was the only one correct:<br>How to sterilize apples without cutting them.<br>He said &quot;Blanch in vinegar (boiling of course)&quot;<br>
Have you tried this with regular cuts of meat? L
No, that's really the first actual marinading that I've done, I'm going to have to dig out some steaks and try this on them when I get more vinegar, I'm out already ;-D
Try malt pickling vinegar, I just did some eggs with it - much more flavour than distilled white. L
I have tried apple cider vinegar, &quot;aged&quot; balsamic, and malt(some brittish-esque &quot;pub&quot; label). they all taste ........ appley. I still prefer the distilled stuff, more pep and taste.<br />
<em>Pickling</em> vinegar has extra acidity and flavour, it's not table-condiment grade. Mind, some stuff is &quot;non-brewed condiment&quot;, meaning watered-down industrial acetic' with/without caramel.<br /><br />L<br />
When did you put the vinegar in? Plain has a curious effect when you mix it before you cook, they pretty much disintegrate on contact with the plate when done cooking, also the eggs hold lots more water.
Done - <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-pickle-eggs/">Awesome eggs</a><br/><br/>L<br/>
It'll be posted this week, being small eggs possibly tomorrow. L
Just did a steak, Its beyond words.
Well, that gets my remaining pint of vinegar allocated to some meat this weekend! L
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whoever said white vinegar is for washing and cleaning is sooooo wrong.... :) In russian and georgia marinated meat in vinegar is very popular especially for bbq, also vinegar is used for dipping pelemeni (meat perogies), try fries drizzled with vinegar or malt vinegar very tasty ... ok I'm making myself hungry lol
It was meant as a compliment... many young people (at least the ones I know, including my 26yo son) either don't cook at all or consider microwaving ramen, cooking ! Your burgers are actually making me kinda hungry, especially the tomatos! Cooking has many meanings but being able to take marginally edible food and turning it into something tasty is a great skill to acquire. Not being scared to experiment or substitute ingredients is also a big plus for those times when the pantry is running low.
I know you were complimenting. Also true about young people(your 26yo??? Wow, that's bad), I consider ramens and other run of the mill stuff a boring snack. When I take the time to actually cook, either its really really bad, or it turns out badass.
oooh man...white vinager is for washing and cleaning !!! redwine,malt and rice vinagers all work a lot better in marinades. Nice ible though and at least your cooking for yourself ! <sup>5</sup><br/>
What do you mean "at least your cooking for yourself"? I've been cookin for myself for a while. When I feel like actually taking time to make food, its top quality! This was when I was bored.
Nice Instructable - Good idea - Nasty look'n pre-fab'd patties. What are those 85% fat flair-up 15% beef? ;-)
Hahaha! I cant really see whats all that wrong with prefab burgers, they don't taste bad(nor do fast food burgers, but I draw the line at stuff that makes me feel awful later) I mean sure their run through a dirty factory, but there isnt any high fruct corn syrup in em like your average ketchup & mustard.
I like vinegar in things like pickles but this doesn't sound as good as that last pic looks
Wait till you try 'em. They are wicked good.
i'm of the school of everything gets tried once so eh why not.
Split the diff, use Pickle juice. BTW premade patties yeargh, hack, blech!!!
Hey! premade patties don't suck so bad, would it be better if I hacked up a burger cutter and posted that here too?
I might, in desperation, use frozen hamburger patties, but "beef patties"? No. I don't eat anything that processed. "Beef patties or beef patty mix may contain the following ingredients if identified in the ingredient statement on the label: water, partially defatted chopped beef (must be on label for beef patty mix, not beef patties), partially defatted beef fatty tissue, beef heart meat, fillers/extenders/binders, organ meats and pure beef fat."
So its like modern day haggis? Meh, Its not exceptionally bad.
lol haggis is not a food i want to ever try again
I've never had haggis, so I wouldn't know. I like escargot though.
Sounds pretty good! Although you used white vinegar in the picture and this could probably be made even better with apple cider or red wine vinegar.
I don't know, I'll have to look into that.

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